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When a man or woman cannot fully enjoy sexual activity, it is known as a sexual problem. There are different reasons behind a sexual problem, which can cause relationship issues in couples. A person should not hide any sexual problem and undergo proper treatment for it. Dr. Govind K Gupta is the best sexologist doctor in kolkata. He provides effective treatment of individual or couple sexual problems at Dr. Gupta's Clinic. He makes detailed discussion with a patient to know the exact cause of the sexual problem and prescribe medicines according to the particular need of every patient. There are experienced counsellors also at our clinic. We arrange counselling sessions for many patients of sexual problems if necessary.

Leverage the Power of Indian Herbal Treatments

A waning sex drive is not good for your health or your relationship. It puts a lot of mental strain. Because of today's high stress levels and way of life, it's quite a prevalent problem. Don't get too frustrated just yet! Indian herbal treatments can reactivate your libido and work wonders for your sex life. According to research, Indian herbal treatment has been found to boost fertility in men by making sperm cells healthier and regulating your hormone levels.

We are the best sex specialists doctor in Kolkata who specialize in treating male sexual problems, including erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. We also offer outpatient treatment, so you can get the help you need without having to travel long distances or spend hours at our clinic.

If you're looking for a new doctor to take care of your sexual health needs, look no further than Dr. Gupta’s Clinic. We have been helping men like yourself since many years, and we're dedicated to helping you feel better about yourself. We are the best sexologist and male sexual problem doctor. We can help in treating men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction and other sexual problems, including premature ejaculation and low libido.

We know that your sex life is a big part of your overall happiness, but sometimes it can feel like everything else in your life is getting in the way of enjoying it. When you're feeling frustrated or overwhelmed by your sexual concerns, we want to help. We want to enable you to live out your fullest potential as an individual—and we want to do so with compassion and empathy for all kinds of people who are struggling with these issues.

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sexual transmitted disease treatment

Our team of expert sexologists have years of experience in treating a wide range of sexual problems through simple yet effective medications.

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sexual transmitted disease treatment
best Sexologist in kolkata

Dr. Govind K Gupta

Qualifications :

  MBBS (C.U.)

  AYUSH Certified

  Diploma from American Board of Sexology

  40 years of experience in Human Sexual Problems

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best Sexologist in kolkata

Dr. Anindita Chowdhury

Qualifications :

  Ph. D (C.U) Male Reproductive Health

  M.A Clinical, Psychology (D.U)

  Marital & Reproductive Health Counsellor

  15 Years Experience of Human Psychology

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Why you Need Sex Treatment

Sex health is an indication of mental and physical health. Keep yourself fit.

Mental Energy: Loss of sexual energy is an indication of poor motivation and focus in real life. Correcting it leads to better career opportunities.

Better Relationships: Improves relationship with family and friends.

Yes, it is both mentally and physically harmful. The lack of sex leads to many cancerous diseases in both men and women.

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