Frequently Ask Questions

Do you offer online consultations?

Yes, we do offer online consultations for our patients who are unable to visit our clinic in person. You can book an appointment online and consult with our expert practitioners from the comfort of your own home.

Are your Ayurvedic treatments in Dehradun is safe?

Yes, all of our Ayurvedic treatments in Dehradun are safe and natural. We use only high-quality herbs and formulations that have been extensively researched and tested for their effectiveness and safety. Our practitioners in Dehradun are also highly trained and experienced in providing safe and effective treatments.

Will my consultation at Dr. Gupta's Clinic in Dehradun be confidential?

At Dr. Gupta's Clinic in Dehradun, we take our patient's privacy very seriously. We understand that discussing sexual health issues can be sensitive and personal. That's why we ensure that all consultations with our doctors are kept confidential and private. We adhere to the highest privacy standards and follow all necessary protocols to protect our patients' confidentiality.


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