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What Is A virus And Why Is It So Dangerous?

Virus is a very small structure, 100 times smaller than an average bacterium.

  • They cannot be seen through an ordinary microscope.
  • They are single strand of RNA or DNA covered by a sheath of protein.
  • They are on lookout for a cell in which they can thrive.
  • They can infect humans as well as animals, plants and even bacteria.
  • In humans, they become dangerous and they can be lodged in a cell.
  • The infection in humans can be through several routes: air, (cough, sneeze) via carriers;for example, via Mosquito, or transmission of body fluids like saliva, blood or semen.
According to a sexologist doctor in Kolkata, once the virus structure enters the host cell, it attaches itself to the DNA of RNA, and speedily proliferates. In the process, the host cells are killed. Then, they attack the nearby cells and the process is repeated.
The immune system produces antibodies that bind to the virus RNA or DNA and renders it inactive. The body also releases T-cells which work to kill the virus.HIV virus escapes being killed because they can,in some way, trick the immune system.
Many sexually related diseases like viral papilloma, herpes, etc. are caused by virus.
SARS and Covid-19 are new additions to the list.

Can a patient develop drug resistance in treatment of HIV?

It is possible. This is why, a combination therapy is always prescribed. By combination of drugs acting at various sites of the viral replication, the incidence of resistance is reduced to minimum.
The treatment or the body immunity cannot eliminate the virus. Therefore, adequate suppression of the virus to less than 5p copies per micro literis required. Again, the virus can undergo mutations, rendering the drug ineffective.
For all the above information, drug therapy is started if the blood CD4 count is less than 350 per micro liter. But, according to any good sexologist in Kolkata, if the patient has developed complications and shows signs of fungal infections, the treatment with Highly Active Antiretroviral therapy is started immediately.
Today, there are 20 approved anti-retroviral agents under four classifications. HIV patients are living a full life.

Case Study: Cough And Erectile Dysfunction

Question-I often suffer from allergy and viral cough. During each episodes of cough, I develop erectile dysfunction. Is there a relation between cough and sex?
Answer- Yes, it is true and happens to both, male and female. Any disease can cause loss of sex desire and erectile dysfunction.
There is a specific relation with cough.
Sometimes, both, the sexuality disorder and cough are drug induced. Example- Use of Ace inhibitor in the treatment of high blood pressure orcardiac problem.Let us briefly understand the method of treatment of cough.
Two groups of drugs are used:
1- That blocks the cough stimulus arising from throat, larynx and trachea
2- That renders secretions more easily removable, example, mucolytics.

When the patient is being treated with medicines which suppress cough stimuli, they are called centrally acting antitussives. They suppress the medulla of the brain, due to which, sexual desires also get suppressed, causing erectile dysfunction.
Most common antitussive is Dextromethorphan, which is effective and the sedative aide effect is low. But even minor sedation will switch off the sex mood. According to the best sex doctor, in women, these drugs and antiallergics causes dry vagina, where the sex becomes painful.

Case Study: Sexual Anxiety In Marriage

Question-I got married two months back. Whenever I approach my wife, I feel very nervous. Sometimes, even my hands start shaking. I am unable to connect with her in any manner. She has started talking about divorce, which is making me more and more tensed. Is there any treatment for this? Can I get well.

Answer-Yes, you can fully recover. This condition is called Sexual Anxiety. The minute you realize that now you are the center of attention and you have to perform,fear creeps in and you think you will do a very bad job. This makes you anxious and a panic reaction is triggered.
We, one of the top sexologist in Kolkata, have treated ample of such cases and found that behavioral counseling and certain excitement inducing medicines are highly successful. If your wife joins the counseling, you will get faster results. In any case, you have a high chance of recovery