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5 Tips For Improving Your Sex Life With Your Husband And Addressing Low Sex Drive

5 Tips For Improving Your Sex Life With Your Husband And Addressing Low Sex Drive

Marriage is a beautiful union that requires mutual love, respect, and commitment to make it work. However, some couples may face issues with intimacy and sex life, which can cause frustration, disappointment, and conflicts. This blog post will discuss how to deal with a husband who is not living up to the promises of a great sex life.

DO’s For Improving Your Sex Life With Your Husband

Communication is the key to any successful relationship, and it applies to your sex life as well. If you’re struggling with your sex life, try to talk to your husband more openly and honestly.

Here are some other tips to improve your sex life:

  1. Improve your communication levels/skills: Don’t stop talking as a punishment strategy.
  2. Modify or change conflict management skills: Address conflicts in a constructive manner.
  3. Touch and massage his body at night: Make the first move rather than waiting and hoping he will. Gently and non-threateningly, ask him to reciprocate.
  4. Do things he used to like earlier or has appreciated you before.
  5. If your partner is taking some medicines or there have been changes in his medication, inform and discuss this with your doctor.

Discussions On The Causes Of Low Sex Drive

The most common cause of losing interest in sex is poor sex desire. Other causes can be low testosterone levels, anxiety, stress, depression, alcoholism, drugs, etc. It’s important to note that loss of sexual desire is never due to erectile dysfunction. The point to remember here is that the less the man performs, the more he loses his desire to perform.

DON’T’S For Dealing With A Sexless Marriage

If you’re struggling with a sexless marriage, there are some things you should avoid doing. Here are some tips:

  1. Don’t think that he is attracted to someone else.
  2. Don’t think that he is not interested in sex.
  3. Don’t accept a sexless marriage.
  4. Please don’t waste your time thinking it will get better on its own.
  5. Don’t think that this condition is untreatable.

Escalating The Matter: Visiting a Sex Counselor

It is not natural to lose the desire for sex. There has to be an underlying reason for it. If talking to your husband does not help you understand the cause of the loss of interest, then you must escalate the matter. Visit a couple of counselling experts; now would be the right time to visit a sex counsellor, even if you have previously omitted to do so.


Dealing with a husband who is not living up to the promises of a great sex life can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. By improving your communication skills, managing conflicts, addressing underlying causes of low sex drive, and seeking help from a sexologist expert, you can overcome this issue and enjoy a fulfilling sex life with your partner.

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