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Sex Headaches: Causes, Symptoms, And Treatments Explained By A Top Sexologist

Sex Headaches Causes, Symptoms, And Treatments Explained By A Top Sexologist

Sex headaches can be a worrisome issue for many individuals and can occur during or after sex. In this blog, Dr Govind Krishna Gupta, the best sexologist in Kolkata, explains the causes, symptoms, and treatments for sex headaches.

Symptoms Of Sex Headaches

There are two types of sex headaches: a dull ache that worsens during sexual activity and a severe headache that occurs right before or after orgasm. These headaches can last from a few minutes to hours, and their frequency varies from person to person.

Causes Of Sex Headaches

Sex headaches are generally caused by sudden surges in blood pressure during sexual activity, but stress and tension may also play a role. Interestingly, sex headaches are more common in younger men with lower blood pressure than those with high blood pressure.

Treatments Of Sex Headaches

For mild sex headaches, no medication is needed, but for severe headaches, pain relievers, and beta-blockers may be prescribed. Relaxation techniques and gradual buildup during sexual activity can also help prevent sex headaches.


In conclusion, sex headaches can be bothersome but are usually not dangerous. If you experience severe or persistent sex headaches, it is best to consult a healthcare professional for further evaluation. Protect your sexual health and well-being by staying informed about sex headaches.

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