Sex is a universal aspect of human life, but it’s often considered taboo or challenging to discuss. According to Dr Gupta, a sexologist in Kolkata, this absence of conversation can lead to mental and physical dissatisfaction.

The Lack of Conversations About Sex

Many people never receive accurate information about sex. Instead, they were given imaginative stories or left to figure them out independently. This lack of education can lead to confusion and difficulty communicating about sexual needs.

The Taboo Surrounding Sex

Sex is often considered taboo in many cultures, making it difficult for some people to discuss their sexual desires. As a result, they may feel ashamed or embarrassed and, as a result, keep their needs to themselves.

Fear of Judgement

Some people fear being judged or rejected by their partners if they express their sexual needs. This fear can be due to past experiences or societal expectations.

Less Exploration

When we’re discouraged from discussing sex, we may become less curious and less likely to explore our sexual side. Without exploration, we become naive and eventually find it challenging to communicate our sexual preferences.

Lack of Understanding

Many people don’t know how to communicate their sexual needs to their partners. They may not have the vocabulary or the confidence to express themselves effectively. 

Communication is Key

To overcome these obstacles, it’s crucial to communicate with your partner openly and honestly. This means being vulnerable and expressing your needs and desires, even if it initially feels uncomfortable. It also means listening to your partner and being willing to try new things.


In conclusion, discussing sexual needs with your partner is essential for a satisfying relationship. By overcoming the obstacles that make it challenging to communicate about sex, you can enjoy a fulfilling and pleasurable sex life with your partner. Consult with a relationship counsellor to create a relation more romantic and pleasing.

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