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Overcoming Sexual Health Challenges After Cancer

Overcoming Sexual Health Challenges After Cancer

Cancer can profoundly impact a person’s life, including their sexual health. Female cancer survivors may face various challenges during or after treatment that can affect their sexual well-being. Dr Gupta, the best sexologist in India, sheds light on these issues and offers solutions.

Challenges Faced By Female Cancer Survivors

Hormonal: Hormonal changes are a common side effect of cancer treatment for women. For example, the ovaries may stop producing eggs, leading to menopause, which can cause vaginal dryness, tightness, and lower sexual desire. Consulting a doctor for proper advice is crucial in managing these changes.

Pain: Pain during sexual intercourse can also be a challenge for female cancer survivors. Vaginal tightness and dryness due to cancer treatment can cause discomfort. Seeking medical advice can help find solutions to manage pain and improve sexual comfort.

Fatigue: Fatigue from cancer treatment can leave women feeling too tired for sex. Dr Gupta suggests planning intimacy when energy levels are higher, such as in the morning after restful sleep.

Body image: Body image concerns can also impact a woman’s sexual health after cancer treatment. Scars from surgery, breast loss, or hair loss can affect self-esteem and sexual confidence. It’s important to remember that cancer cannot change who you are, and seeking support from a healthcare professional or therapist can be helpful.

Is It Okay To Have Sex?

Many women wonder if it’s okay to have sex during or immediately after cancer treatment. It’s important to wait for a while after surgery to allow for proper healing and to consult with a doctor about the timing of sexual activity. Radiation therapy may also have considerations, and Dr Gupta can provide guidance on this matter.

Last Note

Suppose you are a cancer survivor in India facing sexual health issues. In that case, Dr Gupta, the best sexologist doctor, offers online or phone sexual consultations. Don’t let cancer and its treatment hinder your ability to have fulfilling and healthy sex. Instead, seek professional help and take steps toward improving your sexual well-being.

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