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Phimosis And Its Impact On Sexual Performance In Men

Phimosis And Its Impact On Sexual Performance In Men

India is home to millions of people who often shy away from discussing sexual issues openly, according to Dr Gupta, a sexologist in India. While it’s common to see a doctor for ailments like throat infection or cold, many men in India hesitate to seek medical help for sexual problems, considering it a taboo subject. One prevalent condition that affects men in India is phimosis, often caused by uncircumcised penises.

Phimosis Can Affect Sexual Performance

Even though India is one of the fastest-growing countries, many people still see sex as a taboo subject.

One such prevalent ailment that many men in India encounter are phimosis, mostly caused by uncircumcised penises. Phimosis occurs when you cannot move your foreskin to the rear. If phimosis is not treated, it might progress to para-phimosis, which is the condition when the foreskin becomes stuck behind the head of the penis and is unable to be drawn down to cover the penis’s end.

Patients should not pull the foreskin forcibly since this can cause minor injuries and scarring, making it considerably more challenging to pull the foreskin back. This is referred to as acquired phimosis or pathological phimosis.

The foreskin may also become caught and create a tight ring around the penis, resulting in para-phimosis.

Para-phimosis reduces blood flow to the penis, making it difficult to achieve an erection strong enough to penetrate the vagina. Para-phimosis is a medical emergency that requires rapid medical attention.

According to studies, most men who see a sexologist with erection problems are unsure whether their foreskin should extend all the way to the rear after attaining an erection. One such scenario can teach us the value of addressing sexual issues with professionals.

A Patient’s Experience With Phimosis

The patient was a 32-year-old man who had recently married and was visiting his wife. They had a rough relationship because he could not penetrate even after 4-5 months of marriage, says the doctor of male sexual problems.

He contacted an internet doctor at first, who prescribed him certain medicines without doing any medical examinations. Finally, following the doctor’s suggestion, he obtained the medications and attained an erection; however, it was unsuccessful.

Then he came to me, and I did a physical examination. It was determined that his foreskin was overly tight, causing agony every time he tried to have sex. Following this, I advised him to seek Ayurvedic treatment for phimosis, which was finally finished in a few weeks. After that, he was able to please his wife after a few weeks of correct medicine, instruction, and therapy.


In conclusion, addressing sexual issues with qualified professionals like Dr Gupta is crucial, especially for conditions like phimosis that can impact sexual performance. Seeking timely medical help can lead to proper diagnosis and effective treatment, improving the overall sexual health and well-being of individuals. Don’t let taboos hinder your sexual health – consult a qualified sexologist for expert guidance.

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