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Sexologist Dispels Myths About Male Sexuality

Sexologist Dispels Myths About Male Sexuality

Regardless of their intelligence and education, most men are hampered in their sexual behaviour by various misconceptions or myths. In the following section, the best sexologist in Kolkata dispels the most common myths about male sexuality.

Myth 1: It’s the size that matters!

Fact: Penises and testicles come in different sizes and shapes. When they are not erect, penises appear very different in size. Still, they are much more similar when they get vertical. Since most men do not see other men’s erect penises, they cannot compare their size. However, the myth persists; many men feel they should be a certain size to “measure up.” No wonder it makes them feel inferior. The size of a man’s penis has nothing to do with how much pleasure he feels, and it has little effect on his partner’s pleasure, says Doctor Gupta.

Myth 2: Men Are Always Willing To Have Sex

Fact: There are moments when both women and men do not want sex. The stereotype that it is men who want more sex can lead them to burden themselves with expectations to perform even when they would rather not. They may feel they cannot say “no” when they do not like having sex. If they learn to say no, the sexual activity can be much more enjoyable – both for the man and his partner.

Myth 3: Sex Is Over When The Man Has An Ejaculation

Fact: It does not have to be, and it should not be. Sex involves two people, and sexual activity should continue until both partners are satisfied and ready to stop. Good sex involves constant communication and connection between partners to ensure they are doing what is pleasurable and exciting for both. Also, there’s no reason why every sexual encounter has to end in orgasm or ejaculation.

Myth 4: Sex Requires An Erection

Fact: The fact is that sex involves a variety of activities, and most women and men say that the best sex involves creativity, fun partnership, and communication. According to the sexologist, many men experience a lack of erection, which does not have to be a concern. You can do many things to satisfy a partner and experience sexual pleasure. Pressuring yourself to get an erection will only make it less likely that you will get one.


In conclusion, it’s important to debunk common myths about male sexuality to promote a healthy and fulfilling sex life. Penis size, sexual desire, ejaculation, and erection are not solely determined by societal norms or misconceptions. Each individual is unique, and sexual experiences vary from person to person. It’s essential to communicate openly with your partner, seek professional advice from a sexologist in Kolkata, and focus on pleasure, intimacy, and communication in your sexual relationships. Let go of the myths and misconceptions and embrace a healthy and positive view of male sexuality.

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