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Sexologist Debunks 7 Top Male Masturbation Myths

Sexologist Debunks 7 Top Male Masturbation Myths

Masturbation, a natural and healthy form of sexual expression, has been surrounded by myths. These myths have been perpetuated over time and have raised doubts in people’s minds about the effects of masturbation on their health and well-being. However, as per Dr Gupta, the best Ayurvedic sexologist in India, these myths have no grounding in reality. In this article, we will debunk the top 7 masturbation myths and provide factual information to help individuals understand the truth about masturbation.

Myth 1: Masturbation Causes Blindness

Fact: The myth that masturbation causes blindness is a baseless belief that discourages young men from engaging in this natural sexual activity. However, there is no scientific evidence to support this claim. Masturbation does not cause blindness in any way.

Myth 2: Masturbation Causes Hairy Palms

Fact: The belief that masturbation can lead to hair growth on palms is another unfounded myth. This claim has no scientific basis, and masturbation does not affect hair growth on palms or any other body part.

Myth 3: Masturbation Causes Erectile Dysfunction

Fact: According to the International Society of Sexual Medicine, regular and natural masturbation does not cause erectile dysfunction (ED). In fact, masturbation can be a healthy way to maintain sexual health and function as long as it is done without injuring the genital tissue.

Myth 4: Masturbation Results In A Lower Sperm Count

Fact: There is a common misconception that frequent masturbation can reduce sperm count and potentially lead to infertility. However, this is not supported by scientific evidence. Men produce sperm continuously, and masturbating does not affect the overall sperm count. According to the NHS, masturbation does not impact sperm count, as men have around 1500 sperm every second.

Myth 5: Masturbation Affects Penis Size

Fact: There is no scientific evidence to suggest that masturbation can impact the size of the penis. Penis size is determined by genetics and hormonal factors, and masturbation does not influence these factors. Masturbation is a regular sexual activity and does not affect penile length or girth.

Myth 6: People In Relationships Don’t Masturbate

Fact: Some individuals believe that people in relationships do not engage in masturbation, as it may be considered cheating or a sign of dissatisfaction with the partner’s sexual performance. However, this is a misconception. Different individuals have varying levels of sexual desire, and masturbation can be a healthy form of self-pleasure, even for people in relationships. It is important to understand that masturbation is personal and does not necessarily reflect dissatisfaction with the partner.

Myth 7: People Only Masturbate When They Are Alone

Fact: Masturbation is a personal sexual activity and can be done alone or with a partner. Mutual masturbation, where partners engage in self-pleasure in each other’s presence, can be a part of a healthy sexual relationship. It can also be a safe sexual activity to prevent unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections.


In conclusion, Dr Gupta, the best Ayurvedic sexologist in India, debunks the top 7 masturbation myths. Masturbation is a normal and healthy sexual activity that does not cause blindness, hairy palms, erectile dysfunction, lower sperm count, affect penis size or indicate dissatisfaction in relationships.

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