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The Relationship Between Self-Confidence and Sex

The Relationship Between Self-Confidence and Sex

Psychological erectile dysfunction (ED) can result in a significant loss of self-confidence and performance anxiety, leading to avoidance-centric behaviour in men. As top sexologists in Kolkata, we have observed that avoiding sexual encounters, stopping communication and touching, and engaging in avoidance behaviours can exacerbate the issue. However, effective steps can be taken to address this problem and improve sexual health and self-confidence. This blog will outline the right approach to dealing with psychological ED based on our experience and expertise.

Step 1: Understanding The History And Doing The Opposite

The first step in treating psychological ED is to understand the history of both partners. Next, a thorough assessment is done to identify any activities that have been missed or avoided. The key advice given to the patient is to do the opposite of avoidance-centric behaviour. This includes resuming communication, touching, and engaging in non-sexual aspects of sexual foreplay with their partner. Talking and touching more, without focusing on sexual conversations or genital areas, can help rebuild intimacy and connection.

Step 2: Sharing Attraction And Enjoying Touch

The patient is encouraged to express in detail why they are attracted to their partner, and the partner does the same. This process helps in rekindling intimacy and understanding each other’s desires. Both partners are encouraged to touch each other’s bodies equally and enjoy being touched. It’s important for the patient not to get anxious during this stage and focus on rebuilding intimacy and connection.

Step 3: Speaking And Acting

Permission is given for sexual play, but many people may procrastinate or delay due to fear or uncertainty. However, it’s crucial to avoid postponing the effort and taking action. Open communication, expressing desires and concerns, and actively engaging in sexual activities can help overcome performance anxiety and build confidence.

Step 4: Addressing Arguments And Realities

Some may argue that being able to perform with another partner indicates no psychological disorder. However, it’s essential to understand that regular performance with a committed partner requires a good relationship, understanding, and emotional intimacy. Therefore, comparisons with other partners may not be helpful, and addressing any arguments or misconceptions about sexual performance can aid in overcoming psychological ED.

Step 5: Facing Tough Tasks And Seeking Counseling

Opening up about the issue, admitting failure, and seeking help may be challenging for some individuals. However, addressing fears and seeking guidance from a qualified sexologist or therapist can lead to discovering solutions to the problem. The counselling process, often called “Do the Opposite,” has shown success in many cases and can help build self-confidence and improve sexual health.


In conclusion, self-confidence and sex are closely related, and psychological ED can significantly impact a person’s confidence and performance anxiety. However, through a systematic approach that includes communication, touching, expressing desires, and seeking professional help, it’s possible to overcome psychological ED and rebuild intimacy and connection with a partner. Avoidance-centric behaviour should be replaced with proactive actions, and the “Do the Opposite” approach can lead to a happier and healthier sex life. Remember, delaying or avoiding the issue will not resolve it. Take action now and do the opposite for a fulfilling and satisfying sexual relationship. If you’re experiencing psychological ED, consult a qualified sexologist or therapist for personalized guidance and support.

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