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Overcoming Marital Challenges: A Journey To Intimacy And Satisfaction

Overcoming Marital Challenges A Journey to Intimacy and Satisfaction

It was a Sunday morning when Arindam, only a student then, along with his father and mother, got off an autorickshaw in front of a Green coloured three-storeyed building. The guard was there to welcome them. They went to the first floor. The guard opened the door of an empty flat. Arindams mother instantly liked the room with large windows. The deal was struck.

Paulomi was in the kitchen. Arindam, now married to Paulomi, was chatting with his mother. Arindam was breaking the news of his nephew being sick.” Ma, make two cups of tea.” Paulomi’s face tightened in anger. “Is my life only about serving these people?” she muttered. She barged into the room and ordered her mother-in-law to return to the kitchen and bring three cups of tea for them. Her voice was high-pitched, reflecting a fit of uncontrollable anger. Arindam objected to her way of speaking, and a long argument ensued amongst the three.

“What is wrong with my daughter-in-law, Arindam? Her anger is increasing every day. Please take her to a doctor before it is too late, “commanded Arindam’s mother. The psychiatrist prescribed medication to Paulomi. Paulomi would oversee because of them, and therefore she stopped the medication. However, her anger would not subside at all. After many deliberations, Arindam decided to meet the marriage counsellors.

“What is bothering you, dear?” Nudged Dr Chowdhury.

Poulami nervously glanced at her husband. Finally, Dr Chowdhury understood the cue and asked Arindam to wait outside while she was taking her history.

“Speak calmly and without any hesitation, Poulami. All your words shall remain secret,” assured Dr Chowdbury.

Poulami was beautiful with shiny long black hair and dense arched eyebrows.
“Tell us about your nature,” prompted Dr Chowdhury.

“I am a happy girl, but I feel frustrated and suffocated after marriage.

My husband has no time for me, and neither has any caring attitude. He has feeble sexual desire.” Poulami paused, sipped some water, and continued,” So many boys used to propose to me. All liked me. But this man will not even look at me. I made a terrible error of judgment; I cannot think, I am cheated, I am feeling sexual frustration.”

“What is the problem of Arindam?” Dr Gupta enquired.

“He has no desire. I am the one who initiates the sex. Most of the time, he avoids me. Now I don’t even feel like touching him”.

Dr Gupta asked the staff nurse to prepare Arindam for examination.Have you people discussed this problem amongst yourself? Asked Dr Chowdhury.

“We hardly talk with each other, Ma’am.”
Meanwhile, Dr Gupta examined Arindam and diagnosed it as a case of poor erections, inability to maintain erection, low sex desire, and low self-esteem.

“Is this case curable?, Paolomi could not resist herself. Her future depended on the answer.

“Yes, it is, “convinced Dr Gupta.
The first counselling session taught the couple the importance of talking and touching each other.

A few days later, when they returned, Poulami confessed she was now more relaxed than ever in the marriage. Likewise, Arindam states that he is now feeling more self-confident as his erections are improving.

In the next counselling session, the therapists explained to them the proper and easy posture of sexual intercourse.
After a fortnight, Arindam and Poulami had able to consummate their marriage. She was satisfied that Arindam was spending quality time with her.

After a couple of months, the treatment was discontinued, and today the couple has two kids, and Poulami has also become a school teacher.

Married life cannot be without arguments. But if the statements are meaningful, then a positive way forward emerges.

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