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How To Prevent Stress Form Affecting Your Sex life?

How To Prevent Stress Form Affecting Your Sex life

Learn how stress can impact your sex life and practical tips to overcome it from expert sexologists. Discover the effects of chronic stress on sexual health and ways to prevent it from affecting your intimacy.

Stress kills your buzz! And it’s true for all aspects of your life, including sex. So, what is stress, and why is it such a big deal for your sex life?

Anatomy Of Stress

Recall those days when you felt like a boulder was hanging down your shoulders, and all you wanted to do was sleep. This feeling of tiredness occurs because your body, at times of crisis, releases hormones to make your brain alert and cause your muscles to tense, increasing your heart rate and pulse. A short burst of stress is natural as it helps you to address a situation of crisis. However, long-term stress or chronic stress can cause health issues.

High blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and sexual problems are some of the everyday health problems caused by chronic stress.

How Does Stress Affect Your Sex Life?

Stress can cause your sex drive to increase or decrease. Either of which depends on your psychological constitution. Stress releases cortisol (a stress hormone) which inhibits testosterone, resulting in lower sex drive and also contributes to blood flow changes that cause an erection.

How To Prevent Stress From Affecting Your Sex Life? 

Four practical tips by the best sexologists doctors to save your sex life from the grips of Cortisol.

  • Rekindle the romance – Kindle those candles, light some incense, and tell your partner how you feel. Your sex life will only be as good as your communication. If you’ve been stressed for some time, you surely take an evening off to enjoy a nice cozy meal with your beloved, watch a movie together, or whatever makes you two happy. Engaging in relaxing activities together can help boost confidence and make you feel a lot less stressed.
  • Get enough sleep – After a long stressful work hour, it is important to unwind. Getting 7- 8 hours’ worth of sleep is vital for your good health. Take a long bath, drink a warm glass of milk, and relax. Sleep will lower your stress levels and allow you to connect with your partner.
  • Workout – Hit the gym with your partner whenever you can. You can spend some quality time together while simultaneously taking care of your health. It is a great way to combat the negative effects of stress and also boost your libido.
  • Eat Healthily – Avoid sugar and package foods as far as you can. Chalk up a healthy diet plan with protein, vitamins, and minerals and consume smaller portions of higher-calorie foods containing large amounts of sugar and fats. Along with a healthy diet, expert sexologist suggest ayurvedic aphrodisiacs like Shatavari, gokshura, nutmeg, garlic, etc., to increase your libido.

When To See A Doctor?

If your libido remains low, causing issues with erectile function for a couple of weeks, visit Dr Gupta’s Clinic. They have expert sexologists to help you address your sexual concerns and provide you with confidential, personalized, and side-effect-free treatment.


Prioritizing your mental and physical well-being is crucial for fulfilling your sex life. By following the advice of sexologists, such as rekindling romance, getting enough sleep, working out, and eating healthily, you can combat the negative effects of stress and improve your sexual health.

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