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Overcoming Sexual Performance Anxiety: Tips From Sexologists For A Fulfilling Sex Life

Overcoming Sexual Performance Anxiety Tips From Sexologists For A Fulfilling Sex Life

Sex is supposed to be enjoyed, but it becomes a nightmare if you constantly worry about your performance in bed. Sexologist doctors said that if you feel anxious and worried during sexual intercourse, you might suffer from sexual performance anxiety. Both men and women can suffer from sexual performance anxiety.

To get back the sparkle in your sex life, it is important to know the causes of sexual performance anxiety and how you can overcome it.

Causes And Symptoms Of Sexual Performance Anxiety

According to an, your state of mind can play an important role in your ability to get aroused. Sex is more than just a physical response. Your emotions, too, affect your sexual performance. When your mind is stressed out to focus on sex, your body can’t get excited either.

Several factors can cause sexual performance anxiety

  • Having body image or self-esteem issues
  • Feeling stressed
  • A lack of sexual experience
  • Dealing with mental health conditions
  • Previous negative sexual experience

Anxiety can affect your mindset while engaging in sex. Even if you can get arousal, you may be distracted from reaching orgasm.

A well-known sexual health doctor lists some symptoms of sexual performance anxiety.

  • Unable to have or sustain an erection
  • Finding it difficult to orgasm during sex
  • Premature ejaculation during sex
  • Having little or no interest in sex

However, symptoms of sexual performance anxiety are a little different in women.

Women with sexual performance anxiety might experience the following:

  • Vaginal dryness
  • Experiencing pain during sex
  • Finding it difficult to get aroused

How to cope with sexual performance anxiety: Answers Sexologist 

If you have sexual performance anxiety, consult a sexologist to discuss your problems. Your doctor will examine your condition and do some tests to make sure that your sexual performance anxiety is not caused by any medical condition.

Your doctor will also ask you about your sexual history to determine how long you have suffered from this condition and recommend therapies and medications. If you want, you can go for ayurvedic treatment for sexual problems.

Some of the common approaches that your doctor might suggest are:

  • Being open with your partner to help sort the issues can ease your worries. When you try to find a solution together, you will be able to improve your sexual relation
  • Try to get intimate in other ways. For instance, you can give each other a sensual massage or take a bath together.
  • Distract yourself by listening to romantic music or a movie while engaging in sex. Taking your mind off sexual worries will help you cope with this condition.


If you are experiencing sexual performance anxiety, don’t get worried or lose hope. Getting help from a sexologist can help you have an enjoyable sex life.

Overcoming sexual performance anxiety is possible with the right guidance and support from a sexologist. Open communication with your partner, exploring other ways of intimacy, and distracting yourself from sexual worries can be helpful strategies. Seeking professional help can lead to an enjoyable and fulfilling sex life.

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