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Best Sexologist Debunks Myths About Women’s Sexuality

Best Sexologist Debunks Myths about Women’s Sexuality

We have made progress when it comes to women and sex. The world has started accepting women discussing their sexual desires and sex. Female sexual problems are a considerable health concern that can significantly impact a woman’s overall well-being. However, there are numerous myths about female sexuality that needs to be busted. We have listed a few absurd myths about women’s sexuality that will surprise you.

Myth 1: Women Don’t Want To Initiate Sex

Studies have shown that women want sex as much as men do. But, most of the time, they hesitate to ask for it because of society’s regressive thoughts about women’s sexuality. The organization makes many women think there is something wrong with having a healthy sex drive and tells them to wait until their partner asks for it. Pressures like these restrict women from asking for sex as freely as men do.

Myth 2: Women Are Not As Visually Stimulated As Men

Society’s oppression of female sexuality has made many women feel that something is wrong with being sexually aroused by anything other than their partner. However, women also have sexual fantasies just as much as men do.

Myth 3: Women Only Have Orgasms From Vaginal Intercourse

Stimulation of the clitoris has been proven to be the primary source of orgasm for women. Approximately 70% of women primarily experience orgasms through clitoral stimulation, says sexologist Doctors.

Myth 4: Spontaneous Sex Is Best

It is great when it happens, but it cannot occur regularly. Thinking that it should just happen and always taking the passive role is something you should not do. Many women blame themselves for not being in the mood at any given time.

Instead of blaming yourself, have a healthy conversation about it with your partner and carve out specific times for sex.

Myth 5: Vaginal Dryness Means She Is Not Turned On

According to the best sexologist Doctors, vaginal dryness can occur because of many reasons apart from not being turned on. It can happen because of medications, menopause, or any other reason. It varies from person to person and is normal.

It has been quite a long time since these myths have existed. We must change our perspective towards female sexuality and let them be free about sex.


In conclusion, it is time to dispel the myths surrounding women’s sexuality and embrace a more progressive and inclusive perspective. Women have desires, fantasies, and a healthy sex drive, just like men. Society’s regressive thoughts and pressures should not restrict women from initiating sex or expressing their sexual needs. It is essential to understand that female arousal and orgasm can be achieved through various means, including clitoral stimulation, and that vaginal dryness does not necessarily indicate a lack of arousal. Additionally, the notion of spontaneous sex as the only ideal form of intimacy should be challenged, and open communication with partners to create mutually satisfying sexual experiences is encouraged. Let us break free from outdated beliefs and empower women to embrace their sexuality without shame or guilt. As the best Ayurvedic sexologist advises, it’s time to change our perspective towards female sexuality and allow women to express their desires and enjoy healthy and fulfilling sex lives.

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