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Breaking the Cycle: How Understanding Your Emotions Can Help Overcome Being An Abusive Partner

Breaking the Cycle How Understanding Your Emotions Can Help Overcome Being an Abusive Partner

Bhupinder was in their early thirties when he decided to meet the therapist to secure his family life. He was tall well built and his teeth would sparkle out whenever he spoke. He had a small moustache. His weight was on the higher side.

“Doctor I have travelled a distance if three hundred kilometres and my request to you is to enlarge my penis. It is very small and my wife calls it ‘stupid little mouse ‘. ” he blurted out.

“Okay, we will check you but let us know if you are taking any other medicine for any other disease or condition”, the doctor asked plainly”.

I am perfectly healthy ” he informed and climbed up on the examination table

“Bhupinder. You are perfectly fine.”

” doctor I need to increase the length of my penis by another two inches”, he muttered while adjusting his belt.

“Bhupinder, why do you want to change the natural shape of your organ?”

” doctor it is very important and urgent for me as my wife has decided that she will not stay with me unless this ‘mouse grows up’.”

How is your relationship with your wife Bhupinder?

Bhupinder could not speak up.

How do you call her besides her name?

Even after a long pause, Bhupinder could not say anything!

Do you think she is below your standards?

He nodded his head and spoke softly that “She is actually stupid”

“Then why don’t you let her go ”

Bhupinder’s face twisted in agony and softly he uttered ” You don’t understand! She is asking for a divorce pointing to my manhood and this is very humiliating for me and my family. I want to increase my size, satisfy her and then let her go.”

“Do you regularly insult her directly, indirectly or through the disguise of jokes.? Bhupinder’s face turned pale as he struggled to speak.

Ahh. Yea sir…no sir…sorry I will not do it any further.

” Have you ever realized that she is taking revenge for the insults that you keep throwing at her?”

” I have never thought about this!” Bhupinder was stumped

Your organ size is normal and perfect for satisfactory sex but if a woman’s psychology and desire of being loved and wanted are not fulfilled then she will never be satisfied by you. Bhupinder was informed

“Primarily woman needs to be loved and wanted, upon receiving this feeling she will never bother about the male organ size. If she is insisting on divorce then please come with her and consider enrolling for couple of counselling sessions. ”

” my make ego will not permit me to come with her without trying my best to mend the ways.

“Then tell me why do you abuse her?”

No partner in marriage is superior, inferior, or equal. Everyone has a role to play, as long as one fits into the assigned role he or she is a perfect person.

Bhupinder accepted that due to anxiety and frustration, he abuses his wife.

“What benefit are you getting from this kind of behaviour? Why don’t you express your true emotions and mood, like tell her when you are frustrated or when anxious? You can change your behaviour by understanding your own emotions and this is called ‘ Neuroplasticity’. ”

Bhupinder thanked the doctor profusely and left.

“Abusing your partner serves no purpose in marriage and pulls you down economically too. ” Understanding and describing your own feelings make things a lot better.

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