She was washing clothes. Suddenly she stopped, her brows cursed, face tightened. She saw bloodstains on her husband’s briefs. One large spot on the front and another small spot on the back portion of the undergarment.

She looked at them again in disbelief. She stopped washing, came out and dialled a number.

“Oh, this why he stays away from me always these days” she murmured to herself.

She came back to collect the undergarment, placed it in a packet and hid it in her cupboard.

Varnika had married Atul three years back. They had an irregular sex life for some initial period and then Atul was quietly silent.

After wondering for a few months as to what is wrong in this marriage she had asked Atul if he loves her.

“Of course, I do ” Atul always used to say. He was definitely a devoted husband, everything is fine except the expression of physical love.

“Why so?” She used to wonder every day.

Her sister in law Bharti arrived in the evening. She saw the undergarment. She too suspected the same

Sex. Yes, extramarital sex.

Varnika waited for Atul to come home.

On his arrival, she asked her to come to their room and checked his penis. There was cut and dried blood spots.

She then checked his bottoms. She spotted a small cut on the anus.

Her mind swirled. Never in her wildest dream, she has comprehended this.

Tears rolled down her eyes.

In a choked voice she looked up at him and asked ” Homosexual?

He simply nodded, terrified, and shivering ran out of the house.

Varnika sobbingly called her mother and detailed her about the helpless situation. She looked at her sleeping one-year-old daughter and could not control crying.

No, I am not going with you, Papa.” Varnika spoke in a quiet voice when her father had arrived to pick her home.

“Don’t worry, there is a cure for every illness, I will get the best treatment for my son” assured Satya Narayan, father of Atul.

Next morning Satya Narayan with his son and daughter in law explained to the Doctors

“It’s not my fault doctor, how will I know my son will have a problem, I have never heard of”

“Quite right you are, let us see what we can do about it! We will do our best.” assured the doctor.

“Atul how and when did you realized that you are homosexual?”

” In school, all my friends enjoyed checking porn in their phones, I did not like it.

Then later I wanted to attract boys, so I took to bodybuilding.

Thus I got a friend who was attracted to my body and would do anything for my sexual gratification.

Later I got this bank job and was happy that I was posted with other men in this insurance department. Later I realised that my condition is called Homosexuality, and I was terrified.”

” I did not tell anyone about it ” finished Atul. My father could have died of shock”

“How did you performed in the initial part of marriage and also off and on?”, enquired the Doctors.

” I was told to take erection medicines for performance. It worked for few days then it stopped working.” Replied Atul.

“Fortunately, Varnika got pregnant in the initial period” Atul continued, and I thought that women only seek sex for baby, but I did know that it is a life long process”.

“Varnika, do you realise that Atul is living in terrifying condition for a problem which is not actually his, but society made problem?”

Varnika nodded.

” Atul, avoiding your wife is not a solution”.

“Tell me, what I should do?”

“Atul, step 1, you will touch your wife daily for at least 20 minutes, and talk to her frequently”

“Allow your wife to touch your organs to excitement and ejaculation” commanded the doctors. Atul and Varnika nodded in compliance.

“Both of you should report back to us every fortnight!”


Atul and Varnika answered that together they are feeling much better now, and Atul do not need any erection medicines.

“Any problems?”

“Yes, continued Varnika,” he still wants to continue a relationship with his old male friend”

“That cannot be changes” informed the doctors.

Accepting different sexual orientation often leads to happiness and contentment in life.

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