“Oh, dear, it was like that I was floating in the thin air, and she giggled.

Oh God, I was so wet at the cunt, it was like a waterfall there! Expressed the other.

“You know my face remained pink for almost three days!

“I felt so lightweight after that”

Gita was sitting next to these girls in her classroom, and from their talk in a hushed voice realised that they were talking about their orgasms from sex with their boyfriends. Her ears went hot and she felt a stirring sensation down below.

She could not remove these words from her mind for a very very long time.After all not every day one hears such conversations.

John was handsome, tall, slim, fair, and kept long hair. He always wore a cross in a silver chain. He was a guitarist. He played every Sunday in the local church and was a constant feature in all of the local community programs.

Gita was returning home, her bag full of books. She saw the tall man, in his early twenties, wearing a maroon shirt paired with tight jeans and sports shoes. He was holding his trademark Guitar. Gita stopped and her eyes followed him. John turned right and entered a nearby house. Gita on impulse started walking and followed John. She saw John climbing stairs and going towards the roof of the building.

Gita felt strange, her heart was pounding loudly and she thought it will come to the mouth. A different sensation was running through her body. She felt good.

Gita kept her books on the table, when she was called to drink the milk her mother had prepared by mixing amla and almonds.

She sat down to study but her mind was wandering elsewhere. Maybe in a fantasy world. She got up and came out of her place and started walking towards the building where she had spotted John. She reached the roof.

She saw John saying some words to a friend and finally ‘bye’. They had finished their regular practice.

She entered the roof and reached John.

“Hello” she spoke in a muffled voice.

“Ah, yes I am John, how do you do ”

“I am Gita and a big fan of yours. Came to meet you” she was regaining her confidence.

“Thanks, ” he replied, “I am just an amateur guitarist. Not big as yet.”

“What do you do Gita, he continued?”

Hearing her name in an affectionate tone, made Gita skip a heartbeat.

She started talking about her studies and John moved closer to her. He held Gita’s wrists. Gita instantly flung into his arms and hugged him.

Gita’s tits we’re brushing with John’s body now.

John held her with one hand around her midriff and pushed her hair from the neck by the another hand. The sensation Gita received from his touch on the neck, made her loose her inhibitions. She allowed John to kiss her on the neck and then on her broad soft juicy lips. John nibbled on her lips for some time.

He then took her to an adjacent deserted room, where the only furniture was a small sofa.

He pushed her on the sofa and unlocked her pants before pulling it down. Gita was feeling a gravitational sensation on her cunt and as if John sensed that, he directed his mouth on her cunt. Gita realised the happy juices we’re flowing out. She was having a jerky sensation on her cunt. She unzipped his jeans. A large human flesh came out hard as a rock. She kissed it. She loved the smell, intuitived she spread her thighs and Johns long organ jumped inside her wet cave, tearing a small piece of flesh.

As Gita was adjusting her pants she felt soreness on her cunt. Her head was started throbbing, without a word she rushed home. Her head became cool again when her red fluid flowed out for three days.

Mrs Gita Shinde, as she was now known sat fidgeting in the doctor’s chamber. She is now a mother of a five-year-old son, and her husband was very appreciative of her. Everything fine but she wanted a few answers.

“Doctor I am having an active sex life but never experienced an Orgasm, help me with the correct answer” she spelt out her expectations.

Her husband cannot join the therapy so the therapists had only her to work with.

“Madam the first thing that you have to experience is an orgasm itself. We will provided with an induced orgasm so that you can work to achieve that on the bed too” informed the Lady consultant looking for her consent. Light and heavy vibrators were placed over her vulva in a repeated method.

“Clitoris is the only human organ devoted to pleasure” she was informed. “So gently in a clockwise method stimulate it.

Ten minutes later Gita felt an extremely intense vibration in her middle body accompanied by many sensations which left her light headed for some time.

” yes, I got it, it is something which I wanted to learn”exclaimed Gita, as she was feeling a new high.

“Madam, you need to prepare your body to earn orgasms. One does not get them, you have to work for it and earn it,”she was explained.

Gita bought the health supplements and proteins shakes suggested to her. In a short time she felt lighter after losing some weight.She felt her vagina to be tighter after doing the keegels exercises, squats and other stuff.

She went back home and as advised used the women on top sex position, when she experienced her first real-time orgasms.

Next day she again felt it and this time it came with intense vibrations.

Soon almost every day she could feel it, and it was easier to achieve it.

Experiencing an orgasm is easier if you shift you mind from partner pleasuring to self-pleasuring.

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