Chanditola bye lane is a small narrow lane situated in the northern part of the mega city of Kolkata. Upon entering the lane one gets a feeling that the place is part of a British village. All around there exists Victorian-era architectures.

A small single storied house displaying no. 16, stood in the middle of the lane. Only three people resides in this house and there is enough comfortable space for them.

Inside the house the furniture were old but well maintained. Two ancient chandeliers were providing light in the living room.

The street was dimly lit and almost deserted in the late evenings but during the morning hours it was crowded with vegetable, flower sellers and their buyers.

The house no 16 was reasonably maintained and was out of modernity mainly because of the occupants love for the heritage.

It was an eventful Saturday evening, whined Soumya Adhikari. Every Saturday evening his friends met at his place for cards game, gossip tea and samosa. They called such meetings ‘adda’.

This evening he had won handsomely in the game of Poker, which they called Teen Patti. It was like a dream coming true.

As the evening started changing tonight, strong wind with light showers began. Soumya went to his balcony and opened the door. Today this wind was feeling extremely soothing.

“How long will you take to finish your kitchen job”?

Jaya shouted back from the kitchen below” another twenty minutes”

Soumya lied down on his bed and immersed himself in the porn videos in his mobile.By the time Jaya came up he felt an uncontrollable strong urge. There was no time for Jaya to change.

The rains outside began stronger and the emotion waves in Soumya kept coming again and again. He must have orgasmed three times that night. Soumya felt lightheaded.

It was another such evening when he was expecting his friends. While they were getting late he switched on the TV.

” Floods in Assam and Kerala” screamed the news reader,”heavy damages reported.” Once again! India has been grappling with problems of floods, famine and wars for 500 years and yet no solution to that. Then he thought about his own street which gets flooded in the Monsoons. When will the government improve the sewerage? He muttered to himself.His phone rang” Aha, I am waiting for you, dear when can I see you? ” sorry bro, cannot come today, work pressure in the office.” Slowly all his friends had dropped out, as every one was preparing to move in another safe neighbourhood.

Anjali camehome crying. A women in the street had pinched her buttocks when she refused to go her house.

“Oh, Maa”, cried Jaya in disbelief, the locality is getting very unsafe.

Soumya who had so many memories attached with the house instantly made up his mind. He too shall move out.

Soumya picked up more jobs for the weekend and for extra money for the new place. One evening he felt his head swirling.

” High blood pressure” announced the doctor. “Please take a few days of rest and don’t forget your medicine. You have to take them each and every day.”advised the doctor.

That day he again got the same urge, but his manhood was not in sync with the brain. Soumya was puzzled. He checked again after an hour, a day and weeks later, no result. He felt depressed.

” please see a doctor and don’t feel bad about it ” jaya was concerned now.

“What has happened to me doctor “?

The doctor quietly replied that his condition is called Erectile Dysfunction.

” Why would I get it, I have no sex outside my marriage, no stress, I don’t smoke or drink, why? Soumya was anxious and spoke in a breathless voice.

“Soumya you are stressed out, your sex desire is low, blood reports are bad, and rate of blood supply to the penis is very low.”

Soumya could not believe,”I am not stressed” he asserted.

Look earlier you were enjoying your weekends and now you are working in your weekends, this the denied pleasure activity causes stress. Soumya had to agree.

“Please take your medicine and start your exercises and change your food as advised.” The doctor told him as a matter of fact.

Soumya started to meet his friends, now daily at the park early in morning as walked for an hour.

Soumya and his friends ,all moved to another colony.

Denial of pleasure is like inviting death, Soumya, used to tell people, and citing his person example.

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