A long trek in the village street, followed by a train journey, then a bus, and then a Metro ride, and finally the destination -Doctors office. Laxmi walked as fast she could, holding the hands of her son Dipankar. It was not only important but urgent too.

“Doctor, Dipankar is my only son. He was a shy boy from a very young age, as he has grown up now, we got him married, hoping that his wife will make him happy and he can overcome his deficiency.

But his wife has left and asked for a divorce.

Please tell us that my son is a complete man. This is very important.” Mother spoke in a single breath.

Dipankar’s wife had asked for mutual divorce, citing two reasons: Dipankar is impotent and he does not talk to her at all.

Dipankar was a thin built, medium height, clean-shaven, wearing a faded blue shirt with brown trousers and a pair of sandals. He appeared nervous and reserved.

He spoke in a low tone with a clear pronunciation but gradually became louder as he continued to speak.

“I was a weak boy since my childhood days. I lacked the energy that other students had.One day in school a boy pushed me and I felled down. From the ground, I looked to my friend for help, but instead of coming to help he along with others started teasing and laughing at me. I felt humiliated. After that day it became a routine affair, of being pushed and laughed at. I used to be highly nervous in school and stopped talking to any one. I could not forge any friendship in my school days. Even in higher school, I was scoffed at by both girls and the boys. I used to stay alone and always in a bad mood. My mother took me to a psychiatrist, his medicines did little to me. Finally I was married, and was very nervous seeing women in his room. After a few days he could muster the confidence of touching her, but she retorted back angrily. Therafter I felt more depressed and helpless. I wanted to die. I felt that I am the most unloved person on earth, and it’s no use living. My mother took me to the psychiatric and he increased the dose. But no result. I know my mother is in trouble because of me, and therefore I am really sorry” he spoke apologetically.

The doctor turned to Laxmi, his mother, and advised ” see, you need to give him some more time and another chance, so request your daughter in law to stay back for few days more.”

“As far as his manhood is concerned that can be proved by color doppler test, but situation is deeper, he has to learn to form relationships, in life.

For this he needs an understanding therapist, and time to undergo cognitive behavioural therapy.”

Laxmi understood that it is not the job of the life partner to bring in happiness if he alone is not capable of staying happy.Also her daughter in law herself needs a man take care of her. She is not a therapist to train his son.

She agreed and they went back taking an appointment for another day for counselling.

A person should marry only if he is confident of providing adequate care and happiness to his partner. Marriage brings more responsibilities than joy.

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