“Please call Mr Joydeb Nayak ” yelled the consultant.

A middle-aged man, with receding hairline, pot-bellied, wearing 5 rings on the fingers walked in.

“Mr Nayak, please tell us about your problems”

He took a long time to answer.

“Doctor, I am unable to perform sex for about seven years now. I need your help”

“Inform us how did your problem start?” Enquired the consultants.

“I and my wife sleep separately, in different rooms, since long. She moved to the other room only after six months of marriage, immediately after my mother’s death.

Whenever I felt the excitement, I would go to her room. ”

“How long would you stay with her in her room,” therapists interfered.

“As soon as the intercourse finished, I left.”

“Then what happened?”

“Slowly my desire for her reduced as I also started enjoying porn on my mobile.”

“Gradually, my erections became weak and now I am a total failure”

“What was your past treatment? ”

“I tried viagra kind of medicines, which was prescribed by my local doctor but that did not work at all.” He continued.

After the tests, it was found that Mr Nayak’s Testostrone levels we’re low and Prolactin levels were high.

The consultant said that along with the medicine you have to follow our advice as to how to begin sex.

Mr Nayak agreed happily.

After the medicines started Mr Nayak felt that his organ was getting excited.

He was told to change his behaviour with his wife. Talk politely and praise her often. Mr Nayak obliged.

Now spend at least an hour with your wife in her room, without attempting sex and do the nice talking.

Slowly Mr Nayak started feeling excited with his wife and his wife attitude towards him changed drastically.

She would now wait for his talk and lovingly talk to him.

Soon thereafter sex happened and it continued for a very long time.

Mr Nayak thanked the consultant for treating him and above all for helping him rediscover love in his marriage.

It’s never late to try to mend your relationship in marriage. It produces rich dividends like peace and happiness of psyche.

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