On seeing Mr.Ujagar Singh, the receptionist at the clinic smiled. It was Mr Singh’s third visit to the clinic . It was the third time that he got infected with sexually transmitted infection within a period of one year.

His treatment was successfully done and given a further appointment for a ‘educative counselling’ session.

Doctor: do you like or dislike having sex with your wife Ujhagar?

Ujagar Singh: sir , we are married for six years now and my wife is a homemaker. She has put on a lot of weight as such her figure and behavior do not excite me. But when I see other girls /woman I get good excitement and the temptation to enjoy another body is irresistible for me .

Doctor: it means that you are only focussed on vagina – penetration – ejaculation.

Ujagar Singh: Yes , sort of.

Doctor: do you , touch and talk to your wife intimately , often

Ujagar Singh: No.

Doctor: Please follow a simple routine atleast for three months and then we will take up feedback review. The doctor then went on to explain what is romantic talk , benefits of touch,cuddling and caressing each other. No woman can be completely ugly or beautiful the doctor explained. Beauty is an illusion and can be created with habit . He further explained the wonderful psychological and physical feelings that ensue when touched and caressed.

Ujagar Singh, promised the doctor that he will try his best.

Ujagar soon discovered the bliss of intimacy , the relaxing feeling that comes from venting out the accumulated frustrations .

The sensational feeling of being caressed and loved was a real addictive bliss .

Ujagar Singh lost interest in other woman and vaginal activities with other woman.

” If a husband is attracted to other woman and is unable to resist the temptation means that he has not discovered the bliss due to incomplete knowledge of sex life . “

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