Tushar, a well built man, young, sporting a beard, dressed in executive style, kept a short hair, with a tightened face , trying to conceal embarrassment walked in the doctor’s office, and presented his problem of failure in sex. His story went like this :

“ Doctor, I am married for five years now!” he continued “ I was fine in sex for the first six months of marriage, till my wife got pregnant and her doctor asked us to stop sex”. He paused, before adding “ 

Then I waited till the delivery of the child and even after the child birth, I was denied sex, due to a breast infection” completed Tushar. 

“So finally when did you restarted your sex life?”, asked the doctor. 

“Almost three months back, whence I found that I cannot get an erection” sighed Tushar” Do you share your bed with the child/” Doctors asked.

“ Yes” said Tushar. 

“Then when and how you attempt intercourse?” Asked the therapists.

“When my baby is asleep, then only I get up to perform, but at the moment I don’t get erections, or I lo lose them immediately.” He added that “ I think I am Suffering from Erectile  Dysfunction .”

After thorough examination, it was found to be a case of so called non use dysfunction. Tushar’s body was not responding  to a sudden command for getting excited quick. He later continued to attempt coitus to check his sex and erection status. He would also masturbate often only to check himself. After a lot of deliberations he was convinced that he has developed erectile dysfunction. 

“ How is your sex – desire now Tushar “ asked the sex therapists. 

“ I think it is very less “ answered Tushar. 

“Does your wife tries to excite you ? “

“ No “ said Tushar

Thus by this time it was very clear that a Family life counseling is need for him along with his wife.

His wife had developed an attitude that in their life, the upbringing of the child comes first and Tushar and his family are grown up people , can take care of themselves. 

“This is an incorrect notion “. Said the sex therapists, “ Both the parents should look after the child and to each other. One side should not be neglected because of the other” said the Therapists. 

This kind of problems is very common in the practice of sexologists and other medical professionals. Especially in the practice of sex- therapy the detailed family life history is the most important tool to solve a case.                      

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