Mr Ganesh Das is a well established businessman in his area. One day he calls up Dr Gupta “Doctor I am very much worried about my son Arindam.”

The doctor asked “what exactly is the problem?”

You see, Arindam has been dating more than six girls in last two years. He likes them a lot but he is unwilling to settle down with any of them. How long this kind of a behavior shall we put up with.? He is destroying the family’s name and we are very embarrassed by his open behavior. Of late he is seeing a girl , Jaya , who is a the daughter of an old friend of mine. Jaya’s family has already sent me a formal proposal for her marriage. If Arindam again refuses then it will be a shame for my family . So I request you to talk to my son and kindly give me an appointment for the same.

On the appointed date and time Mr Ganesh accompanies his son to the doctor’s chamber.

Dr Gupta questions Arindam about his thoughts on marriage and requests him to state his views on refusal for the same.

Arindam informs him that he is extremely phobic regarding marriage . He said that he wants to keep his life encumbrance free in case he has to leave base and settle in some other city. Secondly he pointed out that women after marriage changes diabolically for the worse. Thirdly he stated he has no interest in working children and he doesn’t see any advantage in getting married.

Having said these , he requested the doctor to counsel his father and present friend Jaya.

Next day he brought Jaya to meer Dr Gupta . The doctor once again asked a couple of questions to Arindam yo be replied in the presence of Jaya.

1. Is all your days good or some days bad and some day are worst loss making in terms of business?

Arindam thought and replied well, “the business is bad , there is hardly any scope of growth of late and many day we suffer a loss from a deal.”

2. The next question was “then how do you deal with your failures?”

“Doctor, those days i go to a bar to get a drink”, replied Arindam.

Does drinking solve your problem asked the doctor .

Arindam replied, ” no, it only helps to tide over the night”

3. So does drinking help on changing your mood?

Arindam stated that he actually enjoys talking to Jaya to help elevate his mood. Jaya is a very positive person she comforts me and talks to me to encourage me .

4. Do you think that after marriage she will stop being the person she is ? As in will she stop comforting you ?

Arindam realized that it will be very risky loosing Jaya as she was the only girl who really understood and comforted him .

5. The doctor asked him what did he

feel about his chances of getting some one better than Jaya in his future.

Arindam replied honestly that he was not sure about the chances.

The doctor prescribed few words and gave it to Arindam. Arindam read it aloud. It went as “BLOSSOM WHERE YOU ARE PLANTED”.

Arindam smiled and Jaya too lit up with pleasure reading Arindam’s mind.

A few years after marriage Arindam realized that commitment is not a trap but freedom of many sorts. Like relief of frustrations, motivation to work and happiness in sharing .

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