Jayenta Bhattacharya, is a well built man,medium height, mildly dark complexioned,curly hair sporting a pouched stomach.

He was travelling in a bus and hated this 10 minutes journey. Bus stopped abruptly and a man from behind fell on Jayanta, injuring his back. Cuss words rolled out of his mouth. He decided to tell his doctors the whole story and excuse himself from their treatment

About ten months back had married a sweet girl,Keka. She lived in the same colony. She was very attractive with fair complexion, middle length dense hair ,shiny white eyes and an endearing smile.

She had passed her HS and Jayenta’s family had proposed to her parents for marriage to their son. Jayenta’s family being very well off Keka’s father could not refuse the proposal.

Jayenta entered the doctors chamber . “How are you feeling Jayenta ? Asked the consultants Dr Gupta and Dr Chowdhury. ”

Doctor I am feeling very good but the problem persists , replied Jayenta.

He was married for 10 months but could not manage to cosummate the marriage as a result she was still a virgin. This was creating a huge psychological pressure on Jayenta and his family.

Deeper probing revealed that he was getting regular erection but was unable to sustain it . Jayenta reported that his other concern was the constant diferences he would have with his wife, Keka over matters relating to the household. He felt that it would usually arise due to the constant inputs of his mother in law in all matters of married life . Keka would call or walk down to her parents place every day and would come home a reformed person than the one left in the morning . During their time together in the bedroom she would come up with small excerpts from her meeting with her mother and whatever erection he would start the lovemaking with would be lost during the course of the discourse. She would advise him how to take position or hold a while and slowly during the instruction he would loose all interest to make love. He complained that he was very irritated with his wife’s habit of reporting to her mother and acting on her advise.

Jayenta was advised to bring his wife for couple counselling and if required try a couple of session of family counselling .

The family counselling revealed that Keka’s mother was anxious to make the marriage work at all cost. She advices Keka on what ever she confided without understanding Jayenta’s side.

Her advices were based on Keka’s perception of the situation and more often than not it was distorted and judgemental.

Her mother was advised, to refrain from giving any further advices either on sexual or familial matters and this relived Jayenta considerably.

The session was concluded on the note that “well-wishers do advise on all matters without knowing all facts or all sides to the story. It is best to tell to all advisors to stay out of my problems . If I am not big enough to solve them on my own right away , never mind I will grow up soon”

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