Puberty sets in from age 13, onwards . This is the time to expect changes in body. Also it is the age the mind and heart grows into its Adult size. Secondary sexual characters develop. Therefore the sex education should begin from the age of 13 years.

Sex Education at Adolescence : As the secondary sexually characters develop menstruation and breast development in girls, Penis Enlargement and Ejaculation develops in boys.
Changes in behavior pattern in take place
Education / Counseling: Information about in hygiene
Nutrition advise – Increase intake of Proteins , Decrease consumption carbohydrates and Sugar .
Everyone should develop Extra Curricular activities.

Note : If the girl does not start menstruating and the Boys Not Ejaculating by the age of 16 should be considered as a serious issue.
Aims & Objective & Public Utility
• This helps to answer questions about sexuality and sexual development and secondary characteristics bothering young minds.
• Prevent sexual exploration and exploitation at the hands of peers.
• It helps children identify and protect themselves from sexual predators and pedophiles.
• Helping smoothen the process of sexual development which takes place at varied speed for each individual.
• It beneficial for parents teachers and guardians especially when they are not comfortable talking openly about sex and ongoing changes or answering questions related to sexual development.
• Often children themselves do not want to approach known associates like parents teachers or guardians to ask questions pertaining to sex. It is easier for them to ask professionals trained in rapport formation and breaking the ice.
• Knowledge takes off the curiosity and exploratory feeling circumscribing sex and sexual development and stops early sexual encounters. This help in controlling pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

2. Sex – Education at age 20 years.
1) Sexual orientation and Sexuality types :

A. Hetero Sexuality
B. Homo Sexuality
C. Sapio Sexual
D. Asexual
E. Pan-Sexual
F. Hyper Sexual / Hypo Sexual

2)Sexual Experiences : youngsters should be asked about their sexual experiences and their experience should be analyzed with proper explanation and guidance .

3) Learning about Crush, Affairs and Relationship
Contraception, Abortion,

Sex-Education between age of 25 to 30 and or Before Marriage

Before Marriage the following is a must.
1.The girl and Boys should Disclose their existing deceases to each other.
Like – Psychiatric, Diabetes, Blood Pressure , Present and Absence of congenital diseases like Thalassemia, Depression ,Anemia and others.

Choose between Career and love life .
2. Relationship building : Great relationships are the flagship carrier of marriage through out the life.
This aspect of education should not be ignored.
3. Contraceptive advise is necessary.
4.Performance Anxiety : Every couple goes through the anxiety of acceptance or rejection, and this fear of rejection should be addressed.

Pre Marriage Counseling
1.Expectation out of Marriage and relationship
2.Learning basic conflict Management skill
3.Learning commons goals and Aspiration to develop deep bonding .
4.Financial issues.
5.Communication Blocks and its resolution

Education / Information to Marriage couple
1.Discussion about sexual experience – Good or Bad
2.Essential Knowledge about conception and child birth.
3.Body image correction.
4.Dealing with sexual abstinence.
5.Learning self-arousal technics.

Education for Senior (Above 50 Years) :

  1. Importance of Sex in health and wellness
  2. Sexual expectation and protection
  3. About Common sexual carcinomas .


  1. Girl aged 14 years is worried about whitish discharges from vagina.
  2. Girls at age 15 are worried about uneven breast development
  3. Girls at 16 are worried about irregular menstrual cycles.
  4. Girls at 17 worried about inverted nipples.
  5. Boys are mostly concerned about size of the penis, night falls, Gynecomastia.
  6. Effect of alcohol on sexuality.
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