Mostly the discussion here would circumscribe around the husband as the better half not holding good at his promise of great sex life, steamy bed scenes and cant get enough of you promises made before marriage . I will give some quick pointers and brief discussions about the do ‘s and the dont’s .

Firstly the DO’S:

  1. Talk to him more. Improve your communication levels/skills. Dont stop talking as a punishment strategy.
  2. Improve modify or change conflict management skills.
  3. Touch and massage his body at night. Make the first move rather than waiting and hoping, he will. Gently and non threateningly ask him to reciprocate.
  4. Do things that he used to like earlier or has appreciated you over before.
  5. In case your partner is taking some medicines or there has been changes in his medication inform and discus this with your doctor.


Most common cause for loosing interest in sex is poor sex desire, other causes can be low Testosterone levels , anxiety, stress, depression, alcoholism, drugs etc. Loss of sex desire is never due to erectile dysfunction.  The point to remember here is that the less the man performs the more he looses his desire to perform.


  1. Don’t think that he is attracted to some one else. Don’t think that he is not interested in sex.
  2. Don’t accept a sex less marriage.
  3. Don’t waste your time thinking it will get better on its own
  4. Don’t think that this condition is un-treatable.


It is not natural to loose desire for sex. There has to be an underlying reason for it. If talking to him does not help you in understanding the cause of loss of interest, then you must escalate the matter . Visit an expert , now would be the right time to visit a sex counselor even if you have omitted doing so in the past.

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