You will find a lot of articles in the media about Better sex and Marriage. How for are they correct and effective, analyses – Dr.Govind Gupta, prominent sexologist.

Q.1 Is performing sex in different positions help maintaining sex-power and love amongst couples?

Ans. Most of writers and research workers claim that trying different position improves sex-power and love amongst couples.

Dr.Govind Gupta, an acclaimed Physician in Health & Reproductive medicines believes that this notion is wrong.

Anxiety is main factor destroying Sexuality in Males. Testosterone is another such factor. As the experiment of trying different positions goes the man get more anxious and focused and maintaining erection. This leads to decline of sex-power and desire to perform coitus.

A day comes when he fails and the anxiety increase leading to erectile dysfunction.

The wife who wants orgasms must understand that demanding sex leads to anxiety in the man’s head and it can be destructive to sexual health.

Q.2 Does Mediterranean or keto diet improves and maintains sexual love and desire?

Ans. Diet should consist of many different varieties of nutrients. Only one particular type of food is not advisable. Yes, the meat products does help in Testosterone production, but it should be complimented with food rich in zinc, Magnesium etc, . Only diet cannot raise or maintain the hormone levels. It needs romance, respect, care and desire as well.

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