Conditions treated.

  1. Adolescent Sex Problem: Like Masturbation, Night falls, Semen discharge with stool
  2. Adult Sex-Problems: Early Ejaculation
    • Erectile Dysfunction
    • Loss of Erection before or during Intercourse
    • No Ejaculation
    • Hypogonadism.
  3. Marriage related Sex-Problems:Homo- sexuality , Hetero sexuality, Pan sexuality , Sapio Sexuality, Hyper Sexuality, Hypo sexuality, Asexuality, Perversions, Fetish etc.
  4. Infertility:
    Male – Azoo spermia , Oligo Spermia, Necrozoo Spermia.
    Female – PCOD, Endometriesis,Fibroids, Hormone disorders , Oestrogen, FSH, LH ; Blocked Tubes
  5. Female Sex Problems: Vaginusmus, Hyper Sexuality, Hypo Sexuality, Asexuality, Lesbianism.
  6. Miscellaneous Disease:Peyronie Disease, ParPhimosis.
  7. Semen Disorders: Dilute Semen, Blood with semen.
  8. Enlarged Prostate.
  9. Breast Disorders:Pain in breasts, Small or large Breasts, Discharge from breasts, Fibro adenoma, Male breasts. (Gynaecomastia)
  10. Relationship Counseling.

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