Sexual health, like emotional, mental, and physical health, is one important dimension of overall health. Sexual experience and satisfaction are closely correlated with overall quality of life. Consistent mutual sexual pleasure increases bonding within a relationship. The health benefits of sex extend well beyond the bedroom. Sexual expression has many positive physical, intellectual, emotional, psychological, and social benefits.

  • Sex Relives Stress : A big health benefit of a healthy sex life is, it lowers blood pressure and overall stress reduction.
  • Boosts Self-Esteem & Improves Mood : A healthy sex life leads to long-term satisfaction with one's mental health and enhances your ability to communicate honestly and intimately.
  • Better Emotional Wellbeing : Sexual satisfaction lessens tension among couples, which results in full concentration at work and growth in career.
  • Sex Improves Immunity : Chances of having heart problems decrease if you stay sexually active. It adds as a booster to the body's ability to fight infection.
  • A Better Future : A healthy sex life ultimately results in a healthy and sound child.
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Sexual dysfunction is the persistent or recurrent inability to react emotionally or physically to sexual stimulation in a way expected of the average healthy person or according to one’s own standards of acceptable sexual response. Sexual dysfunctions are disorders related to a particular phase of the sexual response cycle. It can occur during the desire, excitement, plateau, or orgasm stage of the sexual response cycle. For example, sexual dysfunctions include sexual desire disorders, sexual arousal disorders, orgasm disorders, and sexual pain disorders. If a person has difficulty with some phase of the sexual response cycle or a person experiences pain with sexual intercourse he /she may have a sexual dysfunction.

The normal human sexual response cycle is conventionally divided into four phases. Disorders of the sexual response can occur at one or more of these phases.

  • Desire : Typically this consists of fantasies about, and the desire to have, sexual activity.
  • Excitement : The subjective sense of sexual pleasure and accompanying physiological changes, namely penile tumescence and erection in men, and pelvic vaso-congestion, swelling of the external genitalia, vaginal lubrication and expansion in women.
  • Orgasm : Sexual pleasure peaks, with release of sexual tension and rhythmic contraction of the perennial muscles and reproductive organs. In men, the sensation of ejaculatory inevitability is followed by ejaculation of semen. In women, contractions of the outer third of the vaginal wall occur.
  • Resolution : The sense of muscular relaxation and general well-being. Men enter physiological refractory period post erection and orgasm for a variable period, whereas women may be able to respond to further stimulation.

When minimal sexual stimulation causes orgasm and ejaculation on a persistent basis for the male, he is said to have premature ejaculation. In order to qualify as a problem the timing has to significantly affect the person or the relationship or both. Premature ejaculation is sometimes seen in young men who have experienced this since their first attempt at intercourse.

Weak Erection is difficulty in achieving and/ or maintaining erection long enough for intercourse. The common causes being any disorder that affects the nerves, blood vessels or psyche. Physiological causes broadly include heart disease, high cholesterol, hardening of arteries, Parkinson’s disease, obesity and diabetes. It can also be caused by use of certain groups of medicines like beta blockers, anti-depressants etc. Substance abuse like alcohol, drug or tobacco may also cause these symptoms. Psychological factors include relationship disturbance, conflict, depression, anxiety, fear, emotional distress, shock etc.

Night falls, also commonly known as wet dreams, is involuntary ejaculation in sleep, with or without sexual dreams. It happens due to suppressed sexual urge, abrupt stopping of masturbation, and certain styles of sleeping or involuntary rubbing against the bed during erotic dreaming.

Tricking of semen or semen like fluid from the urinary tract, at the time of urination (before, during or after) or while excreting. It happens due to various factors like excess desire for sex, excess formation of seminal fluid or irritation in the glans penis, prostatic fluid passage due to pressure of stool and retrograde ejaculation.

The concept of organ size is culture dependent. Organ size below 3.5 inches in flaccid state or lower than 5.4 inches in erect state are statistically regarded as small organ. The measure is taken from the base excluding the scrotum.

White discharges are curd like secretion emitting a bad odor from the vagina. It causes swelling of the vaginal opening and persistent itching and discomfort. It is an infection mostly caused by fungus and Trachoma bacteria.

Irregular mensuration is caused by hormonal imbalance in the body, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, certain medications, PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), abnormal weight gain or loss, and other endocrine disorders.

Common problems are size (small or too large), mastitis, fibro adenoma, tumors, and carcinoma. It can be due to single or multiple reasons like hormonal imbalance, excess oxidants in the body, excess amount of oestrogen, prolactin etc.