Prakash finished his customary coffee after the class. He checked his pocket for the car keys. 

Prakash, a medium built man, half bald head, bespectacled man,dressed in a yellow T shirt and jeans. 

Praksh picked up his shoes, washed his hand and waving good night to the security guard, headed towards his car. 

On the his mind became busy busy with thoughts of booking a flat and then family planning . He was feeling very happy being the Assistant Lecturer of Anatomy, He started his private teaching, and was instantly a hit amongst the students. In the last examination, his students scored good marks, and he was feeling proud of their achievement. 

He stopped at the parking lot in the building where was living. 

He reached in front of his apartment door. He rang the bell and waited . Almost 5 minutes passed the door did not open. 

Prakash remembered he had forgotten to call his wife before leaving the class. 

“ May be she is angry with me, “ he thought. 

He pressed the bell again, but no response. 

His heart began to pound. Something was amiss. There was no usual TV sound was coming from the flat. 

Just then a maid, a middle aged woman ,appeared on the stair case. 

Dada, I had come around eight o clock, but madam did not responded. I have come back again now. “

What is the matter ?” she asked. 

Prakash  was looking inside his bag looking for the second set of the flat keys. 

“ Jaani Naa, Mashi, “ Maybe she has left for her mother’s place.” 

Prakash, meanwhile found the keys. 

He tried to ignore the unusual eerie silence. 

He opened the doors and stepped inside. It was dark. 

Prakash took out his mobile phone, and switched on the flash light. He found the switch board and turned on the lights.

The drawing room was empty. 

There was a nauseating smell in the flat, Prakash soon realized that the smell was of Pesticides

He rushed to the bedroom, the pesticide smell was very prominent .  

Hurriedly he switched the lights on. 

By this time time Prakash was sweating profusely, his hands were shaking. 

His wife was lying on the bed in obliquely, Froth was coming out of her month. Her hair was still wet, possibly there was vomit on her body. He saw her wife carefully. 

No respiration. 

His wife was dead. 

A suicide.

Almost six years after the incident. Prakash was a free man again, being cleared charges of abetment to suicide in his wife’s death. 

His mind was overthinking. He was thinking about this question for three years now. He was desperate to find the answer. ”What went wrong in the marriage “

Prakash was sitting opposite Drs. Gupta and Chowdhury,

“ What did the suicide note said “ Asked Dr. Gupta, coming directly to the point. 

“ I am ending my life out of my own will ! “ Prakash told the doctor. 

“ What was the conflict in your relationship”

“ Nothing serious”

“Tell us the all the point of disagreement without thinking  whether it is serious or not “

“Well there was disagreement on a lot of issues. She came from village background having firm beliefs and would not like to change them. 

There would be disagreement, as to how to keep the hair, dresses to wear and the manner of speaking. All these factors used to switch me off. “

Dr. Gupta said “ So I interpret this information as important because you did not like her appearance. And she realized this “ 

“Yes doctor”

“Did you guys sleep together on the same bed?” 

No doctor, she slept separately in the other room, as my bedroom is also my study. I often visited her room and there was no problem in sex “

Would she cry often? “

Yes, almost daily, I used to point out about her untidy work and looks and she invariably wept.”

She did not become pregnant, why? “

 I don’t know , in fact I never tried to impregnate her as well. “

“ How would you introduce her to your circle of friends and relatives ? “ 

“I was in fact ashamed of introducing her to my college colleagues, so we never used to venture out in social gatherings. “

“ She understood that if she has to live she cannot live with pride and respect”

“May be “

“Why did you think you are superior to her “ 

“Well doctor I was better than her, almost all my friends told me that.” 

“But why should you behave with her in that particular manner ?“

“ She would not like to learn anything as well ! “ Said Prakash.

See Praksash, after marriage both the husband and wife are equals. Even if a king marries a low subject, he is not ashamed to showing her in the court. 

If you are ashamed of your wife then you should have told her, and also taken corrective actions. “Concluded Dr. Gupta

Well Prakash, we must tell you that in feeling that ‘my wife is good enough for me’ , you are not alone, society too is responsible. There was no need for any comparison. “

Dr. Gupta said “most of the marriage related problems will not occur if every one follows the The Rules Of Honeymoon.”

Prakash insisted that he wanted to learn them. So Dr. Gupta continued.  

‘Honeymoon’ is a vital phase of life which comes only once.1. Start with knowing each other past history. Try to remember that, asking that again is not good manners. 2. Go ahead and know each other’s choices, likings and preferences.3. Giving personal names to each other and each other’s bodypart should be done.4. Know each other’s body. Touch everywhere, each other’sbody , explore them , understand the sensations.5. Learn the touching methods which are liked by the partner.6. Only after exploration and knowing your partner well, Should the sex life begin.7. After beginning in the usual Missionary position then different sexual positions should be adopted.8. Financial , Children and future planning should also be done simultaneously9. Wife should be known before hand, what she should expect from the husband and his family.10. Each other culinary tastes, religious beliefs, dress code should then be settled. 

All this should be done within the first months of the marriage. Life should begin well for bless to come. 

In married life no one is superior or inferior, both are equal and should share the household responsibility equally. This is the law.

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