After a few months of persuasion, using all the tactics of manipulation, Kamala finally managed to convince her husband Vijay meet a consultant therapist.

Vijay is in the late forties, has a very amicable nature, willingness to help people in distress. He was overweight and led a very sedentary life.

Fortunately, he had not contracted any chronic disease.

He loved his work, balance sheets, acquisition so much that in the zeal of work, could not understand when he became a workaholic.

Now he had lost his entire sex desire.

Kamala had just joined the college.

She was a very talkative and fun loving girl. She kept her dark brown , waist long hair neatly tied up.

One day on her return to home from college, she found her uncle and aunties, are at home. Every was in a jovial mood. Every seemed to be happy.

Her mothers smile was extra large that day.

“Beta , your marriage is settled today, and we are very happy” her mother broke the news to her.

Shockingly she had asked “with whom, ma?”.

“Vijay, you know uncle Mittal, his son ”

Mittal uncle was a very respected businessman in their community. Their family controlled many trades of the city. She had seen Vijay a few months back at Diwali party of the community.

There is no better option, she calculated.

Kamala picked up her domestic responsibilities smoothly. She bore two sons. Every thing was moving swiftly.Vijay was getting more and more busy with his work.The boys grew up and went to foreign shores for higher study. Now in her, early forties was living amidst admiration of friends and relatives.She had impeccable sense of social etiquette.Even with busy life Kamala sensed that something was missing from her life.

She used to get terrifying dreams.

Arvind, a close relative of the family, used to visit them often. In absence of her husband she used to talk to him to keep him entertained, till Vijay used to arrive.

“Come Arvind, come here”, she guided Arvind to her room and closed the door. Arvind took her in his arms and implanted a long kiss on her petal like lips. Kamala unzipped him. Took his male organ in her hands and started squeezing it. All this while Arvind was busy unlicking her bra and blouse. She sat down and kissed the dark hard organ.

Oh!Ah!Ab! With deep breathing Kamala woke up. The same dream again. For one moment kamala felt as if she was struck with fever. Then her body cooled down.That night Kamala could not sleep. She understood what was missing from her life….Sex.

Vijay was sleeping peacefully, unaware of the suffering of Kamala.

Kamala and Vijay met the doctor. He was prescribed some medicine. Medicines stirred Vijays psyche, but a strong inhibition pattern of Vijay’s brain, stopped him from performing.

Vijay stopped consuming the medicines after giving several excuses.

Kamala was now dissatisfied and frustrated with life.She developed back spasms, felt exhausted quickly. Her face grew pale and there was lack of enthusiasm. She never understood that was gradually slipping in depression.

Sex is not an unwanted luxury. It is a biological necessary which keeps body healthy and mind delighted.

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