Sagar, revered his mother all his life. His father was in bakery business who died of some mysterious illness. Sagar was very young at that time,his mother looked after him , and managed his upbringing singlehandedly . She did such a brilliant job that Sagar was never made to realize the absence of his father. Sagar finished his studies and joined the business and asked his mother to relax at home . He took his responsibilities too look after his mother seriously so much so that he decided against marriage . He continued too look after her for another twenty five years till the time he lost her suddenly . After the period of mourning suddenly a desire to get married engulfed him . He attributed this desire to the loss of his mother and the ensuing vaccum in his life after her death.

Sagar now fifty one years of age, potbellied bald medium height man was a very unattractive marriage proposal for any woman to consider. His cousins and extended family made fun of him and said that his marriage was not possible in this life. Sagar never lost hope . He kept on posting his profile on matrimonial sites in hope of finding a partner.

Bhaswati, which literally means brightness was dark but married in a well to do family. After marriage her husband became abusive towards her. He took refuge in drugs and alcohol to escape his business related problems. He soon developed complications and left Bhaswati alone with a three year old girl child. Bhaswati then started looking after her husband’s jewellery business. She was content with life and never wanted to re- marry .

Bhaswati was forty eight years old when her daughter left her home to work in a foreign country. She suffered from empty nest syndrome as she was left all alone . One day she thought of taking a break.

A bald man was sitting next to her in the train . As Sagar introduced himself to Bhaswati a hot spark ran across her body. A feeling she had never experienced before . Conversation with Sagar was not very interesting but some bells kept ringing in Bhaswati’s brain. ” I am unmarried …looked after my mother …..bakery business …..journey for two more stops…” Bhaswati listened intently. Sagar’s station was just about to come when phone numbers were exchanged with a promise to stay in touch. Soon they started seeing each other frequently.

Bhaswati was hugging her daughter at the airport. She was on a leave to spend time with her mother .On her way back home Bhaswati couldn’t resist the temptation to spill all the information about Sagar. Her daughter decided to meet Sagar immediately.

After a brief chat with Sagar , she proposed that the two of them should get married. Rings were exchanged. And the marriage followed soon after..

Every evening the relaxed couple would walk together hand in hand. The local people would comment how Sagar was never to be seen without wife in tow. Sagar made extra efforts to keep Bhaswati in complete comfort.

One day an old friend of Sagar came to meet them . He was very shocked to find Sagar happily married. The friend gad actually come to Sagar’s house to stay for two three days as a respite from his nagging wife. After seeing the couples chemistry he changed his mind . He congratulated Sagar on his wedding at such an old age and wondered how it was possible . Sagar reminicized what his mother often said to the neighbouring girls ” Every Pot Has a Lid “.

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