Many a times in order to treat the patient we also have to treat his family, and this is called family counselling.

Jaiveer Chowdhury , was a healthy young man of thirty years , physically very fit, sportsman and a successful businessman. His problem was that of regular failure in sex inspite of getting good erections. After examination and investigation reports the doctors concluded that his problem is due to stress.

Agreed , said Jai Veer Chowdhury and added that is stress is due to fight between his mother and wife in which he has to choose a side. He further agreed to bring his family for the family counselling session.

Dharmini Devi, mother of Jai veer was a descendant of illustrious Mewar family of Udaipur . After marriage she moved to kolkata and quickly developed a large network of friends. Her maneuver helped her husband to further his business and rise speedily.

Aishwarya a five foot four inch woman was an outstanding girl from a reputed business family. Health conscious charming and graceful and eloquent in her speech. Soon after her marriage the entire household was singing her praise .

It took a very short time for the doctors expert in family counselling to understand the crux of the matter . Dharmini Devi, was suffering from a shattered ego, insecurity, jealousy and other negative emotions due to Aishwarya’s grace.

The peace was restored when Dharmini Devi understood the harm coused by her own insecurity and jealousy. Aishwarya too understood her role that she is subordinate to her mother in law and should follow the golden principle ” Never outshine your master”. She ensured to stay away from her mother in law as much as possible and attribute all glory to her. Jai veer recovered from his momentary loss of sex power.

“To remain powerful in life never make your superior feel low and rather leverage his power to your benefit.”

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