A Muslim couple Sk. Rashid came with his wife.

His wife was young, very fair and had beautiful prominent eyes. The man was dressed in fine clothes quite up to date with the current times.

The husband told that his wife is not allowing him to have sex with her.

Wife denied the statement and said that he is not capable of sexual performance. She added that he is repeatedly blaming her, for his incapability.

Both the partners we’re examined and were found to be capable of sexual performance.

Individual counselling sessions was then suggested to get into the depth of the problem.

Rashid was called in first.

Rashid was asked all questions regarding his sexuality.

His early sexual history, history of masturbation, ejaculations etc.

During this round of questioning Rashid revealed that he had married at his native village and this women is his second wife. He has returned from his native place after staying there for two weeks and had normal sex.

“Does your this wife knows that you are already married?”

Reluctantly Rashid admitted that she had come to know about this through a relative, and he had not told this to her family before marriage.

“My second wife is always angry with me and every day asks for expensive gifts and demands which are impossible for me. Hence I am mentally under big pressure.”

His wife was called next.

She said that she was extremely shocked to learn about the earlier marriage of his husband. When she confronted him, he said yes and added that he had not considered it important to mention this to her earlier because he was not cohabiting with his first wife.

When she was very angry he simply asked for forgiveness.

She was not satisfied with his answer or behaviour and consider hiding this fact tantamount to treachery, which was unacceptable to her.

She cannot forgive him on any grounds and the only solution to her was to break from this marriage with heavy compensation.

She should be given adequate time to clear her mind, and if by then she was convinced then would definitely consider remarriage.

She added that it is so easy for men to blame the character of women, and he had used this derogatory technique which acted as rubbing salt to the wounds.

Sk. Rashid requested the consultants to find a suitable solution to his problem. He asked for some medications for his wife so that she cannot resist.

Such request was declined as not being ethical.

He was asked to give his wife more time to calm and heal her wounds.

“Hiding necessary facts from the partner amounts to cheating, which is often not forgiven ever.”

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