Mrs & Mr Das were delighted. Their family went into ecstasy. Festive spirit was evident in their home.

A cute, beautiful healthy baby boy was born to Mrs. Das.

Sooner than later the family became busy in choosing a proper and fitting name for the boy.

There were a lot of suggestions, and finally a name Akil Ranjan, meaning Intelligent and Shining was selected.

Akil Ranjan never disappointed his parents He passed through all examinations of study and career, with ease.

Akil Ranjan is now a Junior officer in a Block Development Office.

One evening the family was engrossed in discussion about a suitable bride for him.

We don’t want a girl from unlucky family. We don’t want Manglik as well. We want educated girl. We don’t prefer for dark. Complexioned girl. Kaki, the girl should be able to speak good english too. Etc etc.

There were many proposals in hand. Considering the family wishes they found the biodata of Manisha to suitable. Her parents were lecturers in a known college. She too has studied from a known institutions.

Mrs Das, prayed , I hope the proposal clicks.

As luck would have it, the proposal matched and Akil was set to marry Manisha, after 3 months.

On the appointed auspicious day the ceremony passed off smoothly.

Manisha did not like the decor of her new home. She talked to her mother about it, but was advised to wait and watch.

Manisha did not liked the dominating nature of her mother in law and fickle minded nature of Akil.

Akil on coming home from the office sat down with his play station and his mother affectionately served his meals there. Manisha wanted to dine with Akil.

After Akil used to leave home for work, his mother cleaned the home and started asking Manisha to do the same, as she wanted to rest. Manisha was not used to these domestics works, and her protests fell to deaf ears. At night Akil used all methods to silence her and asked to tow his mother’s instructions.

Enough is enough, decided Manisha.

She left her home to reside with her parents .

Later Manisha’s parents came to pick her other precious possessions.

A few months later Akil received a legal notice.

” My client wants to annul this marriage on grounds that you have incurable impotency and that the marriage is not consummated ”

Akil was stunned.

He never wanted to land in this kind of trouble. ” Oh, god , this will ruin both my career and money.”

He decided to meet an expert.

Dr. Gupta, examined Akil and found his sexual impulses to be normal. Akil was asked to undergo some tests. His blood and Semen reports were also normal.

” Dr. Give us now a certificate stating that my son is normal” demanded Mrs. Das.

Dr. Chowdhury explained :” The reports can be normal yet the person can be dysfunctional.”

This is called “psychological erectile dysfunction ”

Akil please give us some details about your relationship with her.

” For the first month every thing was normal and then the daily fights between her and my mother erupted, and then I lost my desire for her and could not perform since then.” Akil said in a choking voice.

” You have two choices , either fight case in the court for decades or choose to mend the wrong” judged Dr Gupta.

” I love my wife too much and I cannot imagine to stay with out her.” Pronounced Akil.

In that case you have to bring your wife for a joint counselling sessions, suggested Dr Chowdhury.

Manisha was sitting on the clients chair while her and Akil’s parents were in the waiting hall anxiously waiting for the outcome.

Akil said that he has no courage to talk to his mother, his mother runs the household alone and every one is used to follow her instructions.

Slowly Akil understood the importance of standing up for his wife.

His mother will not stay for ever but his wife will stay with him.

Slowly the other two ladies … Mother and daughter in law understood the situation.

Case was completed oun mutual consent, Akil and Manisha are now living in a separate flat.

It is more important for the boy to be able to handle the chemistry between his wife and mother , and selection of bride on any aspect does not works always.

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