She was dusky but attractive. She had a slim figure and straight dark brown hair flowing over her shoulders. Her black eyes had a different sparkle.

She had a hard upbringing. From the age of fourteen, she worked part-time in different shops as a salesgirl and

reaped the benefits to support her school fees.

She was ambitious. Many men were attracted to her and she was refusing them.

Her hard work leads to a responsible position in a big company. She is twenty-seven of thage.

First time in her life she was attracted to a man.

She is Sonali Guha.

Somnath Sarkar was unmarried and was in the late thirties. He was a simple man, fair complexioned, highly educated and an accountant by profession.

He never had dated any girl in life and was not keen for marriage. He used to live independently, had a good residence.

“Somnath, why don’t you have a piece of fish in your lunch, ” asked Sonali one day.”I have got one for you”. With this, Sonali did not wait for Somnath’s reply and served the fish in his plate.

The loneliness that was engulfing Somnath suddenly was shattered.

It feels so good to be cared for.

Soon Sonali visited Somnath place in the presence of his aunt who agreed and blessed the couple for the union.

Sonali closed her eyes and allowed Somnath to take off her panties. She waited in anticipation. A new current was moving in her body. She felt a warm liquid on her vulva. Somnath turned and slept.

She breathed deeply and tried to understand the situation, and was puzzled.

She found that Somnath is worthless in a physical relationship.

Her commitment to Somnath was cent per cent and she decided to act.

Somnath was reluctant to solve the problem

Dr Gupta said that it is a case of Erectile Dysfunction, wherein Somnath cannot get proper erection and nor he can control his orgasm.

Treatment was started according to the diagnosis, interjected with frequent counselling on family behaviours by the consultants.

Normalcy prevailed in Sonali’s life.

The skin colour is not important in marriage but commitment lives


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