A Lady visited us accompanied by her daughter. The young woman was introduced as Shubhashree, who was about 28 years old. She was sporting a deep colored vermilion’s on her forehead and kept her long hair neatly braided. She wore a bright colored saree and played with the mangal sutra on her neck ; looked at us with a quizzical expression.

Shubhashree was married for two years without any child or pregnancy. She said that she does not want to go back to her husband’s home and carry on this marriage . On being asked why, there was a defensive silence.

After being prodded ahe replied that she is being tortured by her abusive mother in law. Her sister in law also contributes to the situation by using filthy cuss words. Her husband is a silent spectator and won’t say anything to his Mother or sister in her defense.

She was afraid of speaking out anything to any one about her deplorable state.

She would not even elaborately tell any thing to her husband but however expect his to react accordingly.

Shubhashree was adviced by the consultants to take her husband into confidence and let him know what happens in the house in his absence with her .

She was assured that nothing untoward will happen to her even if she takes the situation head on with her husband .

Convinced Shubhashree called her husband over the phone . A heated discussion ensued in which she broke into anger the moment her husband, Tandesh war Nath tried to placate her with defensive answers.

She informed him that it would not be possible to live with him if his mother continuously blames for anything missing in the house . She was fed up with her mother in laws paranoi in trying to frame her a thief. She said that her limits of tolerance have been crossed .

After hearing Shubhashree her husband apologised and promised to correct the situation.

Anger and fights are also an important tool of communication in marriage . It is a misconception that couple who fight often are incompatible for marriage . Contrary to this belief , wherein the communication breaks down and couples stop talking to each other for months leads to dissolution of marriage eventually.

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