Ratnesh, had a late age wedding. He was over forty years of age , his wife ,Debjani, was thirty three. Ratnesh , was nervous and keen to make the marriage work. On the first night he almost had a panic attack ,with sweat on forehead tensed face and a racing heart. Occasionally , a wave of shiver would run down his spine.

He tried to make love but failed. Moreover, to his horror , he could not even get a hard on.

Debjani was silent , composed. She was equally desperate like Ratnesh to make this marriage work. For about a decade Debjani was living alone and working to support herself. She was fed up with life running chores after chores. This marriage was a good proposal teamed with her aged mother in law , husband , a two bed room flat and a steady secure job of Ratnesh. Ratnesh’s two sisters were married and well settled in their own lives and home. She encouraged Ratnesh and tried to pacify him. Ratnesh was very upset ,his ego was hurt. the turn of events was something that he never expected. First time with a lady and he would fail to even get an arousal. The more Debjani tried to reduce his tension the more insulted Ratnesh would feel. To overcome shock guilt and humiliation,Ratnesh tried harder and harder to show his manliness but without result . Ratnesh searched online for a solution to his problem. He was pleasantly happy to note that the market was afloat with plentiful “sucess medicines “. He started to consume those ” over the counter sucess pills ” , and patiently awaited his own erections. Month after month passed with no effects. Six months later Ratnesh and Debjani remained virgin and they were now extremely worried about their future. Finally, Debjani convinced him to meet the reproductive health consultants .

Dr Gupta and Dr Chowdhury interviewed him and diagnosed his problem to be ,”sexual anxiety disorder”. He was suggested medication and asked to report in ten days . He brought the medicines home and showed them to his mother. His mother was terrified. “So many medicines “, she exclaimed !. “Your baba never needed any medicines till the last days of his life . These medicines will spoil your health.” Stating this the mother threw away the medicines. That might was the first time since marriage , Debjani broke into a fit of anger. ” I am suffering ,you are suffering and who is ma to take decisions for our welfare”

“You know this treatment is important to us,” . “Yes “said Ratnesh. But what can I say to my mother he carried on . He placated Debjani saying that “we need to wait for some time . I will get well on my own”.

“What is you don’t get well ?” countered Debjani.

“If I donot get well I will go back to the consultants again and start the treatment once again. ”

Debjani was happy and comforted by this .

Another one month passed and it there was no improvement .

Ratnesh’s anxiety rocketed sky high. He went back to the doctors.

“Did you take the medication?”, the doctor queried. “Yes !” lied Ratnesh.

Doctor examined him once again and prescribed a different set of medications.

His mother was once again interfering but Ratnesh knew better. Debjani reminded him of his promise. Ratnesh kept his promise and started consuming the medications.

He realized that his mother tender care nor diet will solve the problem this time .

Within a few weeks Ratnesh and Debjani were having a normal regular happy conjugal life.

Ratnesh concluded, that no matter how much interference there is in ones life from concerned parents for one’s wellbeing, prioritizing partner and keeping promises saves the day. This is the key to happy married life.

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