Case History 1

It was an accident which was covered in the newspaper. A scooterist skid, fell down, and was run-over by a lorry coming from behind. The lorry driver applied his brake, but could not bring his Vehicle to halt.

He was married for only six-months. His wife was shocked and traumatized. Govt. came to her rescue.  Aparna was promptly provided a job in a Govt. office. Her life was seen settling down, but her own mother passed away soon. She was now living with her mother –in-law. She was aged and wanted to more to her village farmland. She gracefully looked for a groom for her daughter in law.

Arjun , was a teacher in a private school. He is now 30 years, unmarried and had wanted to marry a lady in trouble. Word soon reached his mother, and she thought that Aparna would be a good match for her son. Arjun too liked the proposal, and they were married.

Later, a domestic violence took place in Arjun’s life; strangely he was beaten up by his wife Aparna.

Arjun, now decided to meet a Marriage Counselor.

Arjun – Aparna met the counselor at our office. It was obvious that the Marriage was unconsummated.

Arjun said he was fed up with Aparna’s nature of guiding and mothering him in with every nitty gritty’s  of life.

Sexual analysis revealed that Arjun adopted wrong sexual positions and as a result loses his erections before penetration this led to mental frustration in Aparna.

Case was handled in a extremely professional manner, and Arjun recovered, with in one months’ time.

Wrong bedside behavior leads to unhappy life, and trust the professionals for its rectification.  

Proper rectification of bedside mannerism is Marriage Counseling.

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