The marriage hall was being decorated on the auspicious day of Akshay Tritiya. The flowers were being hanged , the food was being prepared and the lights were being hung. There was excitement all around ! The beauticians had arrived . One team was working on Nita’s hair another team was waiting to adore her with the beautiful designer saree. Nita’s mother was selecting the jewellery for her. After a few hours the groom arrived with his relatives . There was a flush of happiness and anticipation on Nita’s face.

One month later, Nita was clearing a cubbord in which she found a small cardboard box which was sealed by tape. She cut open the box and was shocked . She found photos of her husband Sooraj with a girl in short dresses . A suspicion entered her mind . One fine day she went to his office unannounced . She was informed that Sooraj was not attending office for last two days . Soon she found that Sooraj was spending his whole day with the girl she had seen in the photo . She was his ex girlfriend . Now Nita was mad with anger and shifted out of her bedroom to another room. Sooraj felt very guilty and promised her that he has changed and will now be fully committed to her.

Nita was not convinced. Shortly she delivered a healthy baby boy . She was raising her son all alone and did Not want the child to be close to his father . There were constant fights and disagreements between the couple over all issues almost regularly . Sooraj felt extremely suffocated in this marriage and sought help from the in-laws . But , no amount of intervention from the family helped Nita change her mind even after six-months .

Dr Gupta and Dr Chowdhury listened to Sooraj and Nita’s story. Nita was explained that ” that people grow and people change “. The biggest proof of change is the acceptance of the need to change

Nita had created a vision in her mind of Sooraj with his girlfriend . She just could not let this imagery go. Inspite of the counselling no positive outcome was there. Nita continued to live with Sooraj in the same manner .

“It is important to judge a person but sticking to the same judgement without time to time evaluation is detrimental for healthy relationship”

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