A speeding taxi stopped at a red light signal . Samir opened the window to take a whisk of clean air , the rains had stopped. Samir pulled up the window as the light turned green. He just couldn’t wait to reach home quickly and early.

Shalini jumped with joy. Samir is now the regional manager of his company, in which he was working so diligently. Now we can fulfil our dream of buying our own flat, exclaimed Samir! He had saved some money and rest he would easily get as home loan once his new salary is disbursed.

In three years time he eventually shifted to this new home. The country’s economy rose with the hard work of youth. The booming economy also added extra burden on his job, his travelling increased. Now he was always tired. He had lost his sex desire . Shalini was also complaining about his lack of potency. Samir never found time to address his problem

The mobile rang while samir was driving, he stopped to attend to the call. It was from the hospital. The hospital authority informed him that his wife had met with an accident and she was admitted along with her co passenger . It was an accident. She and her boyfriend were returning from a resort when this accident happened.

It was a double shock!

Shalini on not receiving any love and attention from Samir had developed an attachment with an old colleague . She used to visit the resort often with her boyfriend .

Regret overwhelmed Samir but he waited for Shalini to recover .

Thereafter he took a treatment wherein he was asked to come home early and not to take any calls from office thereafter . At first Samir was afraid but soon realized the fun of reaching home on time .

A year later, Samir and shalini were cruising on a holiday . Samir now advised all his colleagues that “if you spend all your energy for office then your marriage will not last. Please don’t repeat my mistake . “

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