Both male and female partners have subfertility in maximum number of couples.

Men often suffers from low Testosterone hormone.

Women commonly suffers from Polycystic ovaries.

Low Testosterone cause low sex drive.

Polycystic ovaries disease causes low back pain, increased body hair and decreased scalp hair.

Low testosterone also causes decreased sperm count and low motility of the sperms.

In cases of polycystic ovaries, the mature egg is unable to come out.

In case of low motility the sperm is not healthy to reach the ova.

In both the cases the couples need treatment.

Hormonal medicines are administered for ovulation.

Antioxidants with hormone monitoring is done improve the vitality and motility of the sperm.

Results are very good in both cases and is done as an outdoor treatment.

Cost is less and there is no hassles of operation theatre.

There is no complications .

Completely confidential.

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