Can I marry ?

A 30 years old man asked this question.

His problem : I started masturbation from the age of 16. I used to do daily and some days multiple times. After graduation I was appointed as a Bank Officer. My mother started looking for a suitable girl. This was the time I realized that my organ was never so hard and becomes soft quickly. I had been postponing my Marriage for years and cannot do any more. Again my organ is not becoming ok.

Can I marry ?

Well not at the moment , answered the sexologist after careful study of the case.

Why asked the gentleman

Because you have high performance anxiety and almost no sex desire. Replied the doctor

So what is the cure.

Yes dear the treatment will proceed o. The following manner

Step 1. you will stop thinking about marriage and the penetrative sex
2. you will entertain only erotic thoughts in your mind.

You need some dopaminergic supplement to help you increase the erotic desires

You need to fantasize romantic sex more.

Once you do this for 6 weeks you will become fit again. said the doctor.

Duly after 2 months the gentleman was engaged.

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