Nadeem had a different problem. He was married for 4 months but his marriage was unconsummated. He was repeatedly loosing erection during attempt to penetrate. Nadeem consulted Google for help. Google guided him to an ayurvedic sexologist located in Sodepur.

This specialist doctor diagnosed him to be suffering from Nervousness.

Assured him that a course of 10 days will cure him.

After 3 months Nadeem wife was convinced that he had incurable disease called Namardi

In a very distressed state Nadeem came to us.

We being scientific sexologists and diagnosed it to be a case of Performance Anxiety

Nadeem was focusing only on erection and penetration. Hence he was feeling rising anxiety during penetration part of the intercourse

Nadeem and his wife was counselled jointly by Dr Govind K Gupta and Dr Anandita Chowdhury.

He was explained why his focus on enjoyment aspect of coitus is more important than penetration.

A week later Nadeem was a confident man. He had become a successful husband.

Overcoming sexual anxiety is most common treatments we do successfully

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