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Dr Gupta's Clinic provides a wide variety of treatments – from medications to a specific form of psychotherapy, which helps virtually everyone with a sexual disorder, no matter what the concern.


Proper diagnosis of any ailment is essential in identifying the treatment program.


The treatment program is designed based on the latest scientific developments in field of sexual health


Checkups are done on a regular basis to ensure the treatment is progressing as per expectation

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Male Infertility

Our clinical experience has found that more number of functional DNA in the mitochondria of sperm can cure Infertility. Micheal Plunk had conducted several experiments of lab mice and came to the conclusion. We as Read more…

What are problems of fertility?

Both male and female partners have subfertility in maximum number of couples. Men often suffers from low Testosterone hormone. Women commonly suffers from Polycystic ovaries. Low Testosterone cause low sex drive. Polycystic ovaries disease causes Read more…

Can I marry ?

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Testosterone and sex desire

Testosterone is the male hormone which basically maintain the physical structure and strength in males. This hormone is present on women too. There also it has the same function. It has important role in fertility Read more…

Most Men with erection problem do not seek treatment. Our research found the following factors 1. Almost 30 percent people said that they are afraid of side effects from the treatment. 2. 50 percentile people Read more…